Ear Candy with Maison Miru

There’s nothing I love more than a nap. Outside on my terrace, on the couch, or in my bed — I am always down to catch some shut-eye. The only inconvenience (besides feeling groggy, sometimes) is that my earrings can poke onto my skin and leave annoying indents. Maison Miru has the solution with their Everyday Nap Earrings Trio. It comes in three styles: one class clear gem, a triangle made from gems, and a bar. I received my set in gold, but they have silver if that’s your vibe. These earrings are made from premium quality medical grade titanium, so even the most sensitive among us can enjoy some ear candy! Putting them in was a bit of a learning curve. It’s a flat back so the post has to be put in from back to front. Once I persuaded my sister to help out on the first one, I got the hang of it and was able to put all of them into my multiple ear piercings. For the past week I’ve been doing everything in my nap earrings. Trips to the pool, hot and steamy showers, wearing over-the-ear headphones, and of course, napping. Quite honestly I didn’t even notice the feeling of the earrings, even when I would brush my hand against my ear or put on my helmet. These are the best earrings I’ve tried out in my whole life (yes, that is saying a lot, since I’ve had piercings since I was fourteen!). Maiden Miru will be my go-to for any earring needs and their nose piercing jewelry is next on my list. Shine on readers!


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