Enchanted Living, Unique Gifts for the Literary Minded

For the literary man or woman, consider a subscription for 2021 of Enchanted Living, a magazine unlike any other full of wondrous photography, extracts of poetry, and stories about literary writers, poets, and artists from the past. If you are nostalgic for a certain time, where form and beauty were revered and elegant language was the norm, you will love escaping in each edition of this unique magazine series. Each issue introduces you to a literary genre or period while trying to recreate the atmosphere and the beauty of that time period. The two last issues concentrate on the Romantics and the Pre-Raphaelites.

Famous paintings are reproduced or recreated with models in costumes of the era to emulate the original and bring art to life. You will learn more about these literary genres and the genius of its greatest creators such as Mary Shelley, Keats, Byron or Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Burne Jones or William Morris and read about the circumstances in which they lived. The series makes a point to reveal women writers and poets of the era that are less known as well.
You can also find original gifts for writers and poets such as Unicorn or Fairy diaries, Writing Gloves, Book of Spell soap, Edgar Alan Poe earrings, pins, and necklaces inspired by art and literature.
Find many original ideas for your poet friends or simply anyone who enjoys the charm of old things and the enchantment of imagination and high art at

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