Faith In Nature’s Products Have Ingredients You Can Feel Good About

I recently tried the clean soap and hair care brand, Faith In Nature. Every now and then, I love sampling different hair and bath products to shake things up. I was impressed with how good Faith In Nature’s products made my hair look and feel, but even more impressed with how good they made me SMELL. I’m telling you, for a natural brand, these products were so deliciously fragrant…I found myself washing my hands when I didn’t have to just to get a whiff of that Grapefruit & Orange Hand Wash.

Speaking of scents, Faith In Nature’s soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and shampoo bars come in 17 100% natural fragrances, so mix and match away! Dragon fruit, Coconut, and Aloe Vera are just some of the options available to you. Here’s what I tried:

Dragon Fruit Body Wash

I enjoyed using Faith In Nature’s Dragon Fruit Body Wash possibly a little too much, judging by how quickly I ran out of the product. My bathroom smelled like something out of a spa, and my skin was glowing.

Grapefruit & Orange Hand Wash

In case I didn’t already make it clear, do yourself a favor and buy this hand wash! It makes handwashing a fun activity, and your nose will thank you.

Coconut Shampoo

Coconut lovers will melt for Faith In Nature’s Coconut Shampoo. Its hydrating coconut oil formula will moisturize your hair and repair damaged follicles.

Aloe Vera Conditioner

Use Faith In Nature’s Aloe Vera Conditioner for a calming, rejuvenating conditioning experience.

Lavender & Geranium Shampoo Bar

Faith In Nature’s Lavender & Geranium Shampoo Bar is not only plastic-free and environmentally friendly, but it’s a travel-size shampoo that works just as well as liquid formulas.

All Faith In Nature bottles are recyclable, and their packaging is made from totally recycled materials.

Order your Faith In Nature products online from, Amazon, and more!

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