Fashion: Threads Delivers Better Italian Hosiery

If you wear pantyhose, you know how frustrating it can be to maintain an assortment of wearable tights and nylons. Former investment banker Xenia Chen founded Threads due to her own frustration over not being able to find a high-quality, affordable collection for work. She also struggled to remember to stock up, and would frequently have to run into the nearest drugstore right before a meeting. Threads was founded in 2018 to offer excellent quality tights at an affordable price, with the added convenience of delivery to your home or office on your chosen schedule.

The nude shades of the 20 denier tights are tone-matching. When you wear them, it does not look like you are wearing anything on your legs, yet it conceals skin imperfections, even hiding hair growth if you forgot to shave. The tone-matching tights look beautiful with spring suits, dresses, and winter outfits as well. The comfort is amazing as the fabric stretches a lot with its 19% elastane and 81 % polyamide mix.

Threads are made in Castel Goffredo in Northern Italy, also known as the global capital of hosiery, ensuring that your hosiery is the best in the world. Choose your favorite shades at