February Birthday Gifts for Your Sweethearts

Month two into 2023, and it’s time for February babies to get all the love!


Though they have the shortest month it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be spoiled to the extreme! (I’m a May baby so I know all about the need for pampering). Maude is a personal wellness company (WOC owned) that is simplistic, earthy tones, and for all bodies. The highest of qualities, as seen with their spot vibrator. It has five settings for some bedtime fun (solo or with a partner), a two-hour charge, and lots of time for play, and is waterproof. Plus a few colors to pick from, may I suggest the grey? So chic.


Wash and Soak
Afterward, your February lover can take a bath with Maude’s wash. Pick between three scents or go scentless, this vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free gel makes beautiful suds. Whether you are just pouring it on a sponge or adding it to a bath, so bubbbbbly. If you want to make their baths extra special, pick up Maude’s soak. It comes in three scents (the same as the wash), making for a cute duo to gift. The invigorating scent no.3 (eucalyptus, sandalwood, cassis, and Haitian vetiver) just dropped and would remind your sweetheart that spring is just around the corner! Maude is sure to make the Aqua/Pisces in your life giddy with joy as they enjoy some me-time for their b’day.


Candlelight is just so romantic, I tell you. Even if you’re not giving to your lover, a February person would appreciate the gesture regardless. Here are two options of brands that embody the coziness of candles.


If you want them to get a little taste of candle life, give them the Mala Discovery Set in the core collection. It comes with their iconic scents all in tea light sizes. The scents: Silk, Rosebud, Cabin Fever, Cereal, Sundays, Chai, Fireside, and Milk & Sugar. All major yums and your special person can sample before purchasing the full size. I think it would be fun to light the candles with your birthday gal/guy/they and chat about y’all’s favorites. I personally think rosebud and chai are supreme.


Everlasting Candle Co.

Now if your person is more into ambiance consider gifting Everlasting Candle Co. This burn less and scentless candle lasts, well, forever. Just fill the cute vase with the liquid that maintains the flame, put the metal candlesticks in, and light up. Enjoy the soft golden glow all year long. The Wylie Signature Set with Black Candles is a sensual pairing to class up your bedroom or foyer. Your February giftee will be beyond excited to unbox this beautiful set.



Love can be found in the air during February… and through the stomach. Popadelics is a crunchy, crispy, toothsome type of chip. Well sort of chip, more of a crunchy Shiitake mushroom chip, you know? Whatever taste your February sweetheart has, there’s something from them with Popadelics. Rad Rosemary + Salt, Trippin’ Truffle Parm, and Twisted Thai Chili– can you say yum?! Each bite is just as delish as the last. Anyone who is gifted the variety pack (including all flavors) will be eating right out of your hand (literally? maybe?). You can even gift them a subscription. The Popadelics will keep flowing beyond their birthday month!


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