Fizz it Up with Drinkmate Countertop

Looking for cocktail inspiration, or Holiday and Thanksgiving ideas? The Drinkmate Countertop should be on your radar. It’s a handheld, carbonated machine that carbonates any beverage with its Fizz Infuser. This fantastic mechanism imparts delightful bubbles to all your beverages, including water, wine, juice, cocktails, and even flat beverages. The fizz infuser is what separates Drinkmate from other carbonation machines, which can only carbonate water.

The Drinkmate beverage bottle is detached from the machine with the Fizz Infuser attached, so you can easily pop it onto the refrigerator with your carbonated drink. It’s also portable to take to parties and holiday get-togethers, and since you don’t need much counter space to use it, it’s ideal for NYC apartments. The best part: it’s simple to operate – with no electricity or batteries required. Drinkmate is available in Metallic Red, Matte Black, and Pewter, and it’s BPA-free. The product comes with a 3oz. starter CO2 carbonator so you can start carbonating your heart out right away.

Get creative and experiment with a variety of drinks! My favorite part of Drinkmate is that you can carbonate drinks that have gone flat, such as beer or soda. It’s a win-win situation when nothing gets wasted. Find the Drinkmate Countertop and other fantastic products at Salute!

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