For Your Little Foodie: Our Better-For-Baby Faves From Green Sprouts

Like many moms, Becky Cannon had a problem—she was looking for quality baby products made from natural materials for her children. She was searching for something similar to those she’d shopped while living in Japan and teaching at a kindergarten founded on holistic philosophy, natural foods, and nature. Problem was, here in the US, that just didn’t exist yet. So in 1982 she founded Green Sprouts to give us the same healthy, practical, developmentally minded baby products she’d wanted herself.

Score for American moms and dads!

Green Sprouts product principles reflect many of my own personal values—the quest for safer materials, approaching my babies with a natural parenting mindset, and minimizing environmental impact. Here are a few of my favorite products from the brand’s mealtime and teething offerings:

FEEDING SPOONS | 2-pack for $7.99
These spoons feature a curved, ergonomic polypropylene handle and a soft, food-safe silicone tip, which is not only gentle on a baby’s sore, sensitive gums, but is free of questionable chemicals well beyond BPA. (You can add PVC, BPS, BPF, BFDGE, NOGE and BADGE additives to the nixed list, too.) There’s also a built-in spoon rest, because no one needs to be cleaning up beet puree smears if they don’t have to. Also, dishwasher safe, y’all!

If you’re grossed out by the list of chemicals lurking in those box store sippy cups, check this out—Green Sprout’s sippy is made only of food-safe stainless steel, plant-based plastic, and a silicone straw. Measurements inside make it easy to track liquids if need be, removable handles help toddlers learn to drink solo, and my favorite part—a plant-plastic travel cap keeps all forms of ick off the straw whether you’re on the go or it ends up on the floor at home. Stainless is hand wash only, but amazingly the plant plastics are dishwasher friendly. If the stainless washing is a bummer to you, check out the other glass bottles and plant plastic cups available—they’re dishwasher safe and I love that the collars and handles are all interchangeable.

If you’re expecting and you don’t already know, meals will soon be all about the compartments. This bowl features a triple divider to keep foods from touching each other (it also helps you eyeball portions of each food). The entire bottom is a giant suction cup and the bowl is made of unbreakable, dishwasher-able silicone—making a dinner throwdown less likely and in that worst case scenario, at least safer and easier to clean up.

Making your own baby food doesn’t have to be hard or take a ton of time, and this food mill proves it. Making butternut squash for dinner? Reserve a little while you prep for the rest of the family and run it through the mill for an instant puree. If it’s soft and cooked, you can probably churn it right through this mill, and even feed baby from the built-in bowl. This is made from plastic (a food-safe polypropylene) and stainless steel, but is free of PVC and the laundry list of additives—BPA, BPS, BPF, BADGE, BFDGE, and NOGE. Last but not least—dishwasher safe!

If you’re into the food mill idea, you might want to make extra—so you’ll need a good storage option. These sturdy, tempered glass cubes are shatter resistant and won’t leach when heated, unlike other plastic options. A flexible, safer plastic lid creates a leak-proof seal for the freezer or fridge and is also designed with stacking in mind. Each set also includes a handy tray that keeps the cubes organized and lets you maximize space.

So much to love here—this little square of a blanket is part crinkly lovey and part teether ring, crafted of absorbent organic cotton (bye drool!) and safe silicone. The teether is textured to soothe sore gums and unsnaps from the blanket to allow you to give them both a good washing. You also have the option to snap on other teethers or pacifiers if your baby prefers. And score—dishwasher clean for the teether and pop that blanket in the washing machine.

These are just a few picks from — head over to explore more food and drink finds plus swimwear, sleep, bath, and much more. If you’re resonating with Becky’s vibe, she has the natural parenting answer to the What To Expect books: Grow Healthy, Grow Happy, The Whole Baby Guide is a tome and trove of baby development, nutrition, and caregiving knowledge at 800+ pages.