Freshen Up Your Peepers for Spring

Joah Perfect Complexion-Enhancing Eye Serum Concealer brightens your under-eye area, eliminating dark circles, puffiness, imperfections and fine lines. Thanks to a duo of hydrating ceramides and firming peptides, the serum infusion keeps the area well hydrated and less fragile, while the concealer delivers buildable coverage. The texture is so light, it’s almost like applying a milky veil to the skin. Choose between Fair-Light with cool undertones, Light-Medium with neutral undertones, and Fair with neutral undertones. The formula flows out of a sponge that helps to spread it lightly and evenly for a totally natural, ethereal finish.
Price: $ 11.99

Crunchi Shattered Mascara opens up your eyes dramatically and elongates the lashes with a glossy, high pigment finish. The clean line contains no nasties or GMOs, only natural lash-extending ingredients to foster their power. Build up the amount by layering applications according to your mood. The proven formula enhances lash adherence so you don’t have to worry about rain or long hours outside. To add volume and lift your lashes, this buildable formula works and goes beyond. Throw those sticky falsies away and see how you can reach the same result with this high definition, luxurious mascara. Another thing we love: the mascara is packaged in a glass tube to help stop plastic dependency and waste.
Price: $28

Haus Laboratories Eye Densify Gel Pencil Eyeliner runs smoothly on your lids without melting or getting stuck, thanks to a blend of creamy ingredients. It has just the right amount of pigment and emollient base to enable you to draw a smooth wing or a graphic look with total control and no mess. Pick your favorite color in the new Spring collection of startling new hues to match your peepers. Select carefully, as the colors may be a bit brighter than they appear on the website.
Price: $18

To keep your eyes brightened this Spring, treat them to Bondisands Eye Spy. The formula contains Vitamin C and Green Coffee Beans to hide dark circles and puffiness while illuminating the area with fine particles. Carrot seed hydrates tired eyes and diminishes fine lines for hours. Dermatologically tested, suitable to sensitive skin, fragrance free and non -comedogenic, the formula melts into the complexion upon application protecting the area with an invisible film.
Price: 15.99