From Colombia With Love: Hand-Crafted Artisan Accessories

When something is well-made, you can sense that the person who created it has poured love and care into the process to create an original, intricate, and enduring item. Such is the case with the gorgeous, distinctive bags, earrings, and small goods at Alessandra Palms, founded by Gina Bayona. Here are a few of our favorites items from this elegant collection:

This Vivian Handbag is handmade by skilled artisans in Usiacuri from fine strands of Iraca Palm leaves, and metal is used as a mold to weave the handbag, utilizing ancestral techniques. Its available in other colors as well.

These Petra Hoops are handcrafted by artisan Estefanie in the walled city of Cartagena.

The Chiara Headband will make you feel like royalty every day. Wrapped in satin and embellished with beads, this is a lovely way to crown your look. And the Lola Fan is a hand-held fan woven from Iraca Palm with a handle wrapped with tropical fabric. It’s the perfect accessory to keep you cool whilst looking ever so elegant at weddings, over evening cocktails, or anywhere where you’re heating up the room.

About Alessandra Palms
This woman-owned, Latina-owned small business launched in May of 2019 with artisan-driven accessories that highlight the art of handmade craftsmanship in Colombia’s Caribbean region. Gina Bayona wanted to create an ethical, intentional business that empowers and enriches Colombian artisans who make one-of-a-kind accessories, so each piece is a slice of Colombia’s rich culture and heritage. The brand partnered with families in Colombia’s Caribbean region — including Barranquilla, La Guajira, Usiacuri, and the Amazons. Traditional artisan techniques made with colorful textiles to fashionistas with a flair that is obvious. The intricate woven designs of these products can take up to a month to make.

The Results of Your Purchase
Alessandra Palms artisans are invaluable for their beautiful creations, originality, and their versatility. To make an impact in the communities that she works with, Bayona builds enduring relationships; not only does she create jobs, but the brand enables artisans to afford schooling and basic needs. When artisans earn reliable and fair incomes, they are empowered to provide for their families and experience renewed hope for the future.

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