Gatherall: The Best Backless Bra You’ll Ever Have

We’re currently in the middle of Fashion Week, and we all want to know: how do these models confidently strut that runway in backless or strapless looks without having to keep pulling up their bra from falling?. The answer is the Gatherall Backless Bra.

Gatherall is the perfect confidence booster for a night out with a cutout crop top or a formal dinner with a backless dress. The strapless and backless adhesive bra avoids all unwanted bra lines with a 100% solid silicone stick-on material that stays throughout your day and night. It has a smooth velvet finishing to mimic your skin’s natural texture, and the scoop design embraces your natural shape. Along with it being wireless and seamless, the bra also comes with stretchable ultra-thin padding to avoid uncomfortably thick or squishy padding. Gatherall’s flexible and stretchable material makes it feel like you don’t even have anything on while still providing full support.

This bra is washable and you can reuse it over 30 times. The brand’s paper soap enables your bra to last longer by making it easier to clean. You don’t even need to wash it every time because the bra is also waterproof and sweatproof. Gatherall didn’t stop short at just a bra: for the girls that want no extra support, they also have nipple covers , made from the same ultra thin medical grade silicone adhesive material and the tapered edge technology allows for the nipple covers to stay stuck to the skin in a seamless fashion.

Gatherall is focused on uplifting breasts and women of all shapes and sizes. The inclusive company was born out of the same frustration we all experience on a daily basis: not being able to find a comfortable backless and strapless bra that actually sticks and lasts! The female-owned and operated company wants to support, literally and figuratively, all of their customers through every occasion. Their mission is to create an environment that allows women to cherish their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin.

The patent-pending bra is available in sizes A-DD and comes in four different shades of nude to match different skin tones. It can be purchased for $68 at , and

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