Gemini Gift Guide

A dualistic Gemini nature means double the gifts with this first air sign of the spring season. Geminis have a range of interests, bouncing from one to another, meaning: shopping for them is both a blessing (more options) or a curse (that was their obsession like a week ago). Here are 13 gift ideas that are bound to make them smile with glee on their birthday!

If your Gemini is looking for a creative outlet, pick up a Baronfig guided journal. The top contenders I’ve been testing are the Confidant Guided Journals. My top pick is Draft Writing Journal. The journal, curated by Roxane Gay, offers 224 high-quality pages to dream up the most wondrous ideas from character development, plot, to even pages on research. Any Gemini would keep this on their work desk or backpack to capture the creative lightning that strikes them. The journal is made of soft cloth, has a band to keep it closed, and a cloth bookmark to keep pages tidy.

For the mystic Gemini, pick up Wander Dream Journal. It helps dreamers record their sweetest slumbers or scary nightmares – all good for understanding the psyche. My Gemini mercury has scribbled through pages, detailing my inner thoughts with the simple spread of this journal. There’s options to fill out the mood, type, and even draw out the dream on each page. My favorite part is going back and seeing what I was dreaming about last week and how that reflects today. There’s no going wrong with any Baronfig purchase for the twins!

CTZN Cosmetics
Mutable air means they can’t decide on one shade of lipstick. Luckily Gem has options with CTZN Cosmetics. This vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand was founded by the South Asian Khan sisters, who want to empower all folks of all shades and colors to feel their very best. Period. Their lines feature a perfect nude and red for any skin tone so grab a few shades for your Gemini bestie. I recommend CTZN Cosmetics’ iconic Code Red Laal, a classic blue based red that makes your teeth sparkle and capture the attention of strangers and lovers alike. I wore this shade on the first day of Gemini season to channel my inner flirty and chatty aura (which is easy because – hello – I’m a mercury in Gemini!)

If your Gemini falls on the softer side, try a nude lipstick instead. I adore the shades Milano and Mykonos. These yummy browns compliment my skin, whether I’m looking a little pale or catching sun rays (with SPF, of course!) The lipsticks are ultra creamy and easy to apply with or without a mirror. For a high gloss look, I apply the built-in lipgloss side, or if I’m feeling more playful just use the gloss by itself! There are only wins with CTZN Cosmetics.

L&L Skin
For Gemini to apply their cute CTZN lipstick, you’ll want to snag them a UVMagic Sunscreen Test Mirror from L&L Skin. This brand is dedicated to solving skincare issues from eye massagers, LED masks, water picks, and of course the UVMagic Sunscreen Test Mirror. This mirror has two sides: one high quality mirror with a built-in lighting system, perfect for touch-ups in the taxi or a dark night club. The other side is where the fun begins: a UV sunscreen side that tells you if you applied your sunscreen evenly. Geminis are known to be out and about chatting with the whole town, from sun-up to sun down. This mirror will be their favorite companion as they flutter from social outing to social outing. I’ve been testing this mirror out for a couple months and can say: I’m obsessed with putting on sunscreen now.

Restless Geminis need a break, so grab them this duo for day and night.The Skin LED Mask is the perfect tool for morning multitasking. Simply plug it up, select the color, and pop it on for the allotted amount of time. Each color has a different result:
Red Light Mode (wavelength 620nm)
Helps to promote and improve blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, reduce swelling, relieve pain, lighten pigmentation, suitable for all skin types. Ideal for a long night chatting with strangers or taking shots with friends.
Blue Light Mode (Wavelength 460nm)
Helps to inhibit oil secretion, balance oil, effectively sterilize, treat acne, suitable for oily skin and acne-prone skin. Ideal for that time of the month or hormonal acne.
Yellow Light Mode (Wavelength 590nm)
Helps to improve dullness, lighten spots, accelerate the excretion of pigmentation, and enhance the skin’s radiance. Ideal for stressful days from work, long trips, or a little TLC.
Mixed Light Mode
This purple light combines all the light sources to help sterilization, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging, suitable for all skin types. Ideal for a quick boost while walking the dog or making breakfast.

The Gemini in your life will think about you each time they pop on the mask and take some time to R-E-L-A-X.

For late nights (or early nights, if they’re being good) Gemini will appreciate the ELAX Eye Massager. The eyestrain is real… from Gemini chatting via phone, laptop, or gaming system. Their little eyeballs can only take so much, making ELAX Eye Massager the perfect gift. This high-tech eye mask is unlike anything they’ve seen before. The eye mask offers 100% blackout, so no pesky streetlights to wake them up. It vibrates and heats up, so think of it as a personal masseuse but for your eyes! For a cooling effect, there are gel eye pads which I throw in the freezer and place into the mask before heading to bed when I’m having a headache. This is a foolproof gift for the Gemini who has it all.

Rare Romance
For the super trendy, unisex jewelry, rockstar twins give them Rare Romance. A blend of punk rocker, badass queen, and mixed metals: that’s a Rare Romance. You’ll have to get Gemini a few pieces at least (for all their personalities), so here are my picks to mix-and-match for the angel/devil sides:

For the sweet angel, pick up Heart Charm Cuban Bracelet and Heart Ring (above). These high quality pieces are created for those who wear their hearts on their sleeves (or wrist… or fingers). I love the weighty feel to each piece and how easy they wear with all my outfits. The ring adds an androgynous flirty vibe as I go in for hugs with friends or pet adorable dogs while I make my way to the park. Easy, cute, and everyday: a win in my book.

For my wrist I clasp on the Heart Charm Cuban Bracelet. A lovely heart-studded bracelet twinkles in the sunlight and makes my appearance known to all. Gemini is sure to sport this piece at an art gallery in the morning, poetry reading in the afternoon, and the third date of the day at night– Heart Charm Cuban Bracelet brings love to the wearer, always.

For the spicy and tempting Devil: bust out the Baroque Heart Clicker. If there’s one zodiac sign to have a septum piercing, it’s Gemini. It makes sense, Gemini loves to have options and a septum piercing is there one minute and gone the next. This clicker will stay put though with its sturdy metal that never tarnishes and always shines bright. It’s ornate with swirls and a little heart in the center (awww). Super chic, super grunge, all the love from Gemini’s alt personality.

Now if Gemini is more into necklaces, they’ll love Stock Spike Ball Pearl Necklace. Half pearl, half chain, bound together with a spiky ball that screams “beware”. Perfect for the flighty twins, who love switching between sweet and wild. This staple necklace looks amazing on a night out at the club or a rock concert down in a warehouse. Let Gemini decide where they take this piece out and wait for the incredible stories the morning after.

Shop Ryan Porter
For the young Geminis in your life (or just young at heart) they will love a keychain and bracelet set from Candier by Ryan Porter. The Girl You’re Magic keychain offers Gemini a constant reminder that they are magic, seriously! I mean who else can be friends with everyone, bounce from idea to idea, and still have time to show up to every social event? This keychain will help them keep track of their keys, which I can attest to, Geminis are always losing. It’s okay, still love ya.

I love them so much I’ll gift them a friendship bracelet that sport cute sayings like BFF, BLESSED, MAGIC and FEARLESS from Candier. Gemini can pick a bracelet to state their mood to the world and be off making their airy magic that keeps everyone smiling, laughing, and most importantly admiring Gemini.
Happy Gemini season!