Give Your Dry Summer Skin A Fresh Spa Glow

By now most of us have endured a heat wave or two somewhere and gotten a bit too much sun as we tried to get that last chance to at least look like we had a fun summer. For skin that has taken a beating or is simply too dry from air-conditioned rooms, these products will help make you look like you pampered yourself all summer.

I cannot sing the praises of Art Bath Soul products enough. When I think I’ve found a great body scrub, another one comes along that’s even better – and that is Art Bath Soul’s Scrub in a Tub, a truly all-in-one product, made with finely ground sea salt, Mediterranean olive oil, Vitamin E and a heavenly scent that will linger with you for hours. Best of all, with this scrub you only need a little, so it lasts for a very long time. I am hooked on this gentle, fragrant scrub that makes my skin glow without additional moisturizers after my bath or shower.

Facial oils come and go, but this one, Loumi Rose Glow Face Oil, is a keeper. It is perfect for sensitive, dry summer skin with jojoba oil, rosehip oil, jasmine and seabuckthorn to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity, and help protect your skin from the elements. My skin glows when I use this oil and it calms any inflammation. The rose scent is subtle but provides an aromatherapeutic boost to your day or evening routine.

Glimmer Goddess Shimmer Body Butter is a fantastic way to hydrate your skin and sparkle-and-glow for a night out. This product imbues your skin with a hint of sun with a shimmer that makes you shine like a diamond. I love this body butter – even in the daytime when I just want to hydrate with a hint of shine. It has simple, healthy ingredients such as sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil that won’t irritate your skin, and it takes only a small amount of this thick body butter to make you glow.

AMEVA, a Skin Biotech company recently launched two vegan products, Multipotent Serum, and Skin Activating Moisturizer. Each product contains mevalonic acid, a molecule that increases the skin’s capacity to create its own collagen, hyaluronic acid, and growth factor genes. The Multipotent Serum is a light, hydrating serum that protects my skin and moisturizes it enough so that I can use it alone or with another moisturizer. It’s not greasy, but gives my aging skin a glow.

House of Wise Face Serum is a hydrating serum that also helps to incorporate CBD into your daily skincare routine. Loaded with beneficial ingredients including sunflower seed oil, with vitamins E, A, C, K and D to combat free radicals that cause aging. It also contains rosehip oil to encourage cell regeneration. Use this serum with the Gua Sha tool included in the package for an authentic spa experience and to help massage the serum into your skin. This serum is miracle worker and benefits all types of skin; it’s ideal for acne prone skin because it helps to regulate oil production. For more mature skin like mine, especially combined with the Gua Sha massage, it plumps up and hydrates without leaving a residue.

Don’t neglect your feet after a summer of sandals and hopefully a beach or two. Try Pedi in a Box, by VOESH to pamper your feet at home or while traveling. This four-step kit comes with a sea salt soak, sugar scrub, foot mud masque, and massage butter, in a variety of scents, including, Coco Colada Oasis, Lavender Relieve, Green Tea Detox, and Mango Delight, to name a few. I love feeling like I gave myself a spa pedicure without paying the price.


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