Glow, Glow, Glow this Valentine’s Day

In this age of minimal makeup, glassy glowing skin has never been so popular, and eliciting its deepest natural glow is one of the top skincare priorities for 2021. This Valentine’s Day, whether you are staying at home with your beau or belle or plan to cuddle together al fresco at your favorite restaurant, you’ll want to prep your skin with the best serums for a simple-but-radiant glow.
Here are our picks for best results:

We love the unctuous texture of Enough Project Moisture Cream, a great brand that is inexpensive, too. It easily penetrates the skin to render it immediately velvet-like. Beta-hyaluronic acid (more effective than common hyaluronic acid), bakuchiol (a natural alternative to retinol) and peptides extracted from seeds of the white lupine flower combine to nourish and energize the epidermis. Use the vegan gel-cream day or night to heal your skin and make it look dewey. Gender-neutral, cruelty-free find it HERE.

Brighten and moisturize with VI Derm Beauty a Vitamin C Brightening Concentrate. Formulated with 10% Vitamin C, it’s super silky and will immediately bring out more even, brighter skin while diminishing the appearance of dark spots and other imperfections. Containing the most advanced form of Vitamin C, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, it helps alleviate free radical damage and discoloration. It repairs the skin by promoting collagen synthesis and prevents UV damage. The tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate formulation is superior to L-ascorbic because it penetrates better and does not dry or irritate the skin. Another benefit: the silky formula fills in lines temporarily and leaves skin plumb and smooth. Repair your skin and glow more! Find it HERE.

Hydrate and pamper your maturing face and neck morning and evening with the creamy moisturizing Suzanne Organics Ageless Serum. The botanically loaded serum is absorbed easily and repairs and revitalizes stressed aging skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and leaving your skin comfortable, soft, and moisturized. This skin-healing serum can be purchased HERE.

The Illumi-Nation Anti-Fatigue Power Serum by Naturally Serious Skin revitalizes drab, fatigued skin to present a rested and energized face in 24 hours. Persian silk tree and Mediterranean lavender combine to help reduce uneven skin tone and improve texture, while the serum’s natural blush color accentuates a healthy look. Based on a 24-hour consumer perception study on 45 women ranging in age from 25 to 50, in just 24 hours, 97% agreed that their skin looked healthy, glowing and smoother, 98% agreed that their skin looked energized and luminous, and 93% agreed that their skin had a glassy, radiant appearance. I love how it perks up my pallid face in winter. Give it a try HERE.

Simply Calm by Botanics is a hydrating water-based lightweight serum for blemish-prone skin that replenishes your skin with cannabis sativa seed oil, aloe vera and an essential oil blend of lavender, mandarin and rosemary. Simply layer a few drops of this serum under the Botanics Hydrating Face Cream, morning or night to reduce redness. Stressed skin will look calmer, more velvety and better moisturized for hours, helping you to relax too. Find it HERE.

If your skin is very dry and in need of firmness and smaller pores, RE: ERTH Multi Targeted Elixir is the gem you have been waiting for. It is nicknamed “mochi skin in a bottle.” The lightweight serum is absorbed in a few seconds leaving no oily residue but a rejuvenated surface with smaller pores and a firmer texture. RE: ERTH’s products are formulated with Japanese white turmeric, a patented nature-derived ingredient, which sets it apart from other turmerics and it grows only on their farms in the Kyushu region of Japan. Japanese white turmeric is exclusive to the brand, and studies at Kindai University have proven that it offers a 61% increase in the stimulation of cell production and up to 100% inhibition of hyaluronic acid breakdown. Find it HERE.