Go Sun Yourself

When the weather is sunny and warm, wearing a foundation is overkill. So, I’ve turned to using lighter sun-protective options that also provide a flattering hint of color. During my hunt for the perfect sun shield, I discovered MyChelle®’s Sun Shield Liquid SPF 50. It provides a smooth matte tint minus the typical physical sunscreen’s white cast.

Using a clean product is important to me – MyChelle®’s Sun Shield does not contain parabens, urea, artificial fragrances, or artificial colors. It’s also reef safe. This sun shield is great for women seeking a tinted sunscreen that isn’t heavy or oily, bearing in mind that the bentonite clay in this formula feels a bit drying. To hydrate, I apply moisturizer first and then wait a minute or two to allow it to absorb fully before applying the sun shield.

Leveling up to MyChelle®’s Sun Shield provides clean and effective broad-spectrum sun protection without the common challenges often encountered when using a physical sunscreen product. That’s a win!


Rachelle Nones


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