Grooming the Graduate 2023

It’s an important day. Grads have to be prepared not only for their next step in life but for a day full of celebrations, hugs, high-fives and handshakes. We recommend the fragrance-free Active Life bar soap and stick deodorant by Kiss My Face. Yes, there will be kisses too on this milestone day. These two products will help build confidence when accepting the diploma and all well-deserved accolades.

Kiss My Face

Chances are, your man’s mane is damaged from the elements and possibly from pulling it by the fist-full while cramming for final exams. The good news is that we discovered the Bond Repair Treatment by epres. The kit comes with two vials of the active solution created by Dr. Eric Pressly and one application spray bottle. We tried it, it’s simple — you don’t have to be the class Valedictorian to use it. Just empty one vial into the spray bottle, add water, shake and spray on hair. The directions read: leave it on for at least 10 minutes or overnight while you sleep. After application and timing, simply wash your hair in the shower and style as usual. The outcome will be noticeable with stronger, softer, and more manageable hair — no tangles, no frizzies.


While graduations mostly take place during the change of seasons from winter to spring, and spring to summer, we’ve noticed that this time of year also causes skin afflictions such as Psoriasis and Eczema. Many people have this annoying chaffing of the skin, mostly on the scalp, neck and around the eyebrows. We’ve recently discovered Arctiva and their Psoriases Cream. We applied the cream to the affected areas, and after several applications did notice a reduction in the redness, itching, dryness, and irritation of the epidermis. It’s not a cure but it does reduce the symptoms. If you suffer from this annoyance too, we recommend you start a regimen using Arctiva a few days before, if not a week or two prior to, the ceremony.


Everyone has heard of beauty rest. Well, we are starting a trend called ‘handsome snooze.’ After all those Red Bulls to keep you grinding like a machine, you now need to catch up on your Zzzzs in order look good and function properly. Many students suffer from insomnia and while the term night owl seems a hoot, the truth of the matter is we all need to be early birds. Most people don’t like popping pills to rest, so we tried this new sleep tea called Blue Bear. The first notable thing about this product is that the flavor is very enjoyable (white peach). Several of us tried it for a week and we all agreed that slumber time was better than usual and none of us experienced the fog that normally occurs from over-the-counter sleep aids. Furthermore, this beverage has no sugar or preservatives. It contains: Chamomile, L-Theanine, Gaba, Lavender, Ashwagandha and Melatonin — words hopefully learned in science classes.

Blue Bear

For the closest barbershop precision shave in the privacy of your home, we suggest Van Der Hagen Razor, Shave Butter and Rinse-Free Refresh Foam. Whether you have a full beard, mustache, or are clean-shaven, this trio is about as close as you can get to a visit to the barber. My gang tried it over the years and we all admit that the shave is one of the tightest and closest we’ve ever had performed at home. Shop: Van Der Hagen

Using a single blade razor is much different than all other shavers. The gripping handle on the Van Der Hagen razor is a major attribute. While this system gives a precise and ultra-close shave, you really need to be careful of nicks. Their Shave Butter helps with the glide of the blade and if you keep some facial hair.

If you plan to keep the fur on your face, we recommend Rinse-Free Refresh Foam by Beard Guyz for a thicker, fuller beard and healthy shine.


Are there dark circles under your eyes from all-night studying? No worries, because Giologie has a remedy with their Eye Cream Dark Circle Formula. Made with Kojic, Caffeine Niacinamide and Hyluronic Acid, these ingredients brighten and tone the skin, reduce puffiness and hydrate the skin with a lightweight, fast-absorbing cream. We recommend you use it at night several evenings before the graduation ceremony and anytime you notice discoloration under the eyes. This product gets extra points for its non-greasy formula.


Planning on throwing that cap sky high? Keep a pump bottle of Uppercut Deluxe Foam Tonic in your backpack. This hydrating mousse is the ultimate in hair and scalp care, offering protection against heat when blow-drying or as a stand-alone light styling foam. It creates a healthy shine and adds light hold for gentle control in all hair types, including curly hair. Just add a pump or two to damp or dry hair and you won’t suffer from mousse abuse — style as usual with a comb or fingers. This product gets extra points for its alluring scent.

Uppercut Deluxe

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2023!