Habibi New York: Fun & Festive Fragrances

Perfume is a great way to boost the spirits in the holiday season, and Habibi New York luxury fragrances transport you to an olfactory paradise. Not only do these lovely scents last for hours, but they are also vegan and cruelty-free.

Jasmine Oud Absolute
This delightful creation is an iconic fragrance for the woman of classic tastes and elegant, timeless style. A quintessential woody floral fragrance, delicate jasmine is poised against musky oud in a wonderfully feminine bouquet.

White Moroccan Leather
White Moroccan Leather opens with baskets brimming full of bright citrus fruits and nutmeg, veiled by smoky heart notes of frankincense and sandalwood. There is a subtle scent of leather and patchouli that renders this fragrance captivating. Wear it for an adventure at home or abroad.

Royal Saffron Oud 
Royal Saffron Oud combines lavish notes of saffron and cardamom that melt seamlessly into a blend of sheer jasmine and luscious osmanthus. This fragrance is for the man or woman who appreciates the finer things in life.

First Glance
A vibrant and sensual perfume, First Glance is a lively fragrance that is strong but not too overpowering. Spray this on to feel ready for anything.

With every full size Habibi bottle you purchase, you will receive a sample perfume to try before you buy. Self-express your personality and distinctive tastes at https://forhabibi.com/.