Happy Hair Triple Threat: Bombay, Kazmaleji & Uniqurl

Annually on April 25th, we celebrate National Hairstylist Appreciation Day to honor hairstylists everywhere. Throughout the pandemic many of us have become our own hairstylists, so let’s celebrate our efforts with these must-have products:

Bombay Curling Wand Set
Produced by the lauded company Bombay Hair, these five versatile curling tools make the ultimate set. Go straight, curly, wavy, long up or down to reinvent a new style for your hair. What I love about using these tools is that I can create the “just left the salon” look right from home! The wands are interchangeable, which can save you a lot of drawer space. Instead of the flyaway bits — which tend to happen when you curl your hair in smaller segments – -my hair stayed defined and perfectly in place. I was quite impressed. If you are unsure how to exactly use your wand, the Bombay website offers Curling Wand Tutorials to cater to your needs. Made from various precious metals and equipped for long-lasting performance, Bombay also offers a variety of curling wands, curling irons, flat irons, and styling kits. Get ready to step out and turn heads. Nab your Curling Wand Set at https://bombayhair.com/.


If you have curls then you are going to love Kazmaleji detanglers and combs. Recently featured in Forbes, Kazmaleje allows you to rock your natural curly hair and revel your unique style. This female black-owned business hair brand was created for both men and women who have textured hair, which can be hard to control. What I like most about Kazmaleji is that the combs are really durable and don’t break easily, especially when you are really working through some knots. The patent-pending hair tools glide through your hair for a more thorough gentle detangling. No more crying, snagging, or surprise clumps that fall out. Say hello to your curls’ new BFF HERE.

Uniqurl Aloe & Almond Moisture Sealing Hair Oil
Show your hair some love and check out Uniqurl’s Aloe and Almond Moisture Sealing Hair Oil. This effective and potent hair oil is infused with penetrating oils that nourish your strands from inside out. It is also infused with humectants that will continuously lock in moisture so that your hair is hydrated and vibrant for days. What I like about this oil is that it is lightweight and smells absolutely divine (sometimes you can try a hair oil that smells full of chemicals; not the case here!). Uniqurl will not only improve the elasticity of your hair but also prolong the life of your style. Sign up for exclusive offers and the latest news with your email and get 10% your first order. This fantastic product is available at https://uniqurl.com/ and Sally Beauty Supply.


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