Harvest Spirits: A Spring Bouquet for Toasting Mother Nature


Here’s a roundup of unique spirits to celebrate spring and the advent of summer on the horizon. This variety of fruit and other harvest-inspired spirits can elevate your parties, meals and celebrations from ordinary to convivial:

Berentzen offers a delectable Pear, Apple and Wild Cherry liqueur that will make you want to embrace fruit trees in gratitude. These liqueurs blend well with favorite cocktails and can be the base for endless cocktail variations for years to come. Find these liquid odes to spring at http://www.berentzenusa.com and create your own spring cocktails. This is Germany’s favorite liqueur brand; we say sehr gut!

Angry Orchard has a hard cider that’s wild, untamed and flavorful. And if you’re like me, you miss Autumn even as you fully embrace spring and summer, so Angry Orchard’s hard cider is a way to savor autumnal delight all throughout the year. Other Angry Orchard ciders include Crisp Apple, Traditional and the amazing Ginger Apple. Trust me, you will love visiting the inventive Angry Orchard site at http://www.angryorchard.com as much as you’ll love their ciders.

Straight from the Italian Dolomites to your spring festivity is Altaneve, a refined yet versatile Prosecco with floral notes and a perfectly balanced sweetness and acidity. Crafted 100% from handpicked Glera grapes, this crisp Prosecco imparts a touch of luxury and vivaciousness to any gathering, whether it’s a wedding, graduation or romantic rooftop dinner for two. Find it at http://www.altaneve.com.

Samuel Adams Cold Snap is a new spring seasonal beer and Belgian-style white ale with refreshing wheat and bright fruit flavors. Spices such as fresh ground coriander and hibiscus round out this flavorful brew for spring parties and feasts. This is a complex, medium-bodied ale that pairs well with sushi, smoked salmon, Thai and Indian food. In fact, the entire Samuel Adams beer line offers a high quality beverage for beer drinkers at all of your al fresco events.

If the fruits of the tobacco field are more your thing, then celebrate the fact that Ivanabitch vodka has created the world’s first tobacco flavored vodka. You have to admit, with a name like Ivanabitch the product line has to be good to match the attitude – and it certainly is. Other flavors include Menthol Tobacco, Coconut, Cherry, Dutch Apple, Whipped Cream, Peach, Blackberry, Red Berry and more at http://www.ivanabitch.com. Find Dry Gin and Brandy there as well and have an Ivanabitch party, complete with caviar. The Coconut and Whipped Cream vodka are crazy delicious.

Whatever your taste may be this spring, one of these distinctive spirits is sure to sate it.

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