Health + Fitness Best Bet: Country Life Core Daily 1 and Shine Water

Whether you’re working out, trying to maintain optimal health, or both, these two products will keep your energy levels up and your immunity on track:

Country Life’s Core Daily 1 Multivitamin for Women has everything you need in one pill: vitamins, minerals, full spectrum digestive enzymes, 30+ whole fruits, vegetables + grains, aloe vera, boron, a full-spectrum probiotic blend, whole food vitamin C, Coenzyme B vitamins with methylfolate, iron, cranberry plus blend and no gluten. They offer a Pledge of Integrity to ensure the authenticity, freshness, cleanliness, cinsistency and accuracy of all of their products – so rest assured that this is the real deal. Vegetarian with no preservatives, artificial colors and sweeteners, this is a New York State brand that has been around more than half a century. Check out all of their other products HERE, too.

Shine Water is so-named because it provides 100% of your daily recommended dose of Vitamin D, the Sunshine Vitamin. People in the north are especially prone to Vitamin D deficiency, and this physician-developed drink not only hydrates, but it provides electrolytes and antioxidants with ZERO sugar and a delicious taste. Available in Mixed Berry Acai, Coconut Lime, Kiwi Cucumber, Peach Mango, Strawberry Lemon, and Pomegranate Grape. You can check their store locator HERE or simply have their variety pack delivered to your doorstep.