Health & Fitness Best Bet: SHAKLEE Vitamins + Skincare

Shaklee has us covered in more ways than one, from supplements and vitamin packs to beneficial skincare products:

Vitalizer Gold Multipacks
These daily vitamin packets (6 to a strip) contain nutrients that have been clinically proven to create a foundation for longer, healthier life, filled with more vitality.

Their patented delivery system aides in improving absorption. The strip contains a multivitamin, a B + C complex, a Caroto-E Omega, and a probiotic. The release technology ensures a steady delivery of energy and nourishing supplements. Each box contains a month’s worth of vitamins and minerals for bolstering immunity, heart health, bone and joint health, improved cognition, vision, digestion, and energy. This truly is gold! Find it here.

Essential MultiV Drink – Peach Mango
Shaklee’s dietary supplement powder delivers 17 vitamins and minerals, 100% DV of A,C,D & E, 100% of all B vitamins, and 17 vitamins and minerals. Our food chain doesn’t always enrich us with the minerals and vitamins we need for healthy growth and aging, so this packet of 30 sticks is a wise addition to your day. Nab it here.

Restore – Body Serum
Delivering nutrition from the outside in, Shaklee’s body serum firms and slows the breakdown of collagen in the skin, battling against premature aging and cold weather. Skin is left feeling firmer and softer, with improved tone and texture. (5 FL OZ/150 ml)

Nourish – Body Lotion
This ultra-creamy body lotion soaks into the skin and is infused with antioxidants from a patent-pending polyphenol blend to protect your skin barrier. You can apply generously over hands and body to ward off chapping and drying as temperatures plunge. (8 FL OZ/237 ml)

Browse their full suite of beauty products here.

Shaklee has loads of other products for Holiday 2022 and for personal care, encompassing Green Home products, sports, beauty, and more. Check out everything else they have to offer.