Health & Fitness Best Bets: Ready Slim + fitppl Organic Protein

The Ready Slim day-to-night detox Cleansing Tea Kit imparts a lot of health benefits: bloating will be diminished, skin will look healthier, inflammation will be reduced, digestion and metabolism will be improved, and you’ll either sleep better or be more alert, depending upon whether you opt for the Wakey Wakey tea formula or the Snoozzzy one. Each 28-Day Cleansing Tea Kit includes 28 servings of Wakey Wakey and 28 servings of Snoozzzy so give yourself about a month to readjust to better health.

Price: $69 for the bundle

Available: HERE

fitppl (fit people) is Austin-based, and provides plant-based, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, stevia-free, and gum-free Superfood protein mixes for smoothies or shakes in a variety of flavors that deliver full spectrum superfoods. The Green + Red Superfood has detoxifying greens, alkalizing algae, and revitalizing reds. The Cocoa + Blueberry Superfood with adaptogens contains greens, fruits, and adaptogens to improve resistance to stress, promote lean muscle, improve digestion and fight fatigue. The Vanilla & Goji is delicious and nutritious, with 18G organic plant protein combined with a powerhouse blend of cereal grasses, spirulina, phytonutrient-packed fruits, and adaptogens. This is the everything you need protein with nothing shady. The brand simply does protein better with its 100% healthy formulations, and creates authentic products through their mission to make the world better, too. Their packaging and products are designed to be planet-friendly, and they have a zero-waste/waste-neutral policy. You feel more energized and vibrant after using their products, and that says so much – the proof is in the powder!

Price: a 20-serving bag is $49.99 / 10 single-serving packets are $34.99

Available: HERE


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