Health & Fitness Best Bets: SOURSE Chocolate Bites + Tuli’s So Soft

When you want to power through your workout as painlessly as possible, these two products will help with energy and comfort:

How brilliant is it to combine delectable dark chocolate with supplements that your body needs to thrive? That’s exactly what Sourse Bites is all about, and you can choose from a variety of different types. All are plant-based and are fair trade and organic, clean-ingredient products. We love the Glow Bites, which are infused with clean collagen for skin health, the Mood Bites with saffron and Vitamin D3, the Hype Bites with Vitamin B12 for energy and mental focus, and the Beauty Bites with Biotin / Vitamin B7 for Hair and nails. All are delicious, low calorie, and effective. Visit to choose your favorites. Follow @TrySourse, too.

Tulsi’s So Soft
Tulsi’s So Soft cloth heel cups are basically shock absorbers for your feet as you trek around the city, and can provide relief for typical workout or runner’s problems, such as heel pain, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, and shin splits. They’re light, resilient, soft as clouds, and come in an array of sizes. Their multi-cell, multi-layer design returns impact energy, cushion’s a painful area, and elevates the heel bone. These can be worn in almost any shoe, are super easy to quickly insert, and stay in place.
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