Healthy Snacks + Chocolate for Superfood Stamina

The art of combining deliciousness with pure-ingredient healthfulness is why Super Bark and Talty Bars are so extraordinary as snacks or desserts, and why we recommend the CUZEN at-home Matcha maker.

Chocolate is on the mind and in the air with Valentine’s Day looming on the horizon. Savor the healthiest version of it with various Super Barks from Kuli Kuli Foods; choose from Sea Salt Peanut, Raspberry Chia Uplift, Mint Chip Refresh, or Peppermint Superbark, each hand-made with love, using non-GMO dark chocolate. These low-sugar, keto-friendly barks can be an afternoon energy booster, a smoothie topper, or an empowering dessert and contain moringa, quinoa, cacao, chia, maca, and more. Nourishing indulgences never tasted so amazing.

Order here and read about their other healthy offerings, such as energy bars, super gummies, shakes, powders, and more.

The Talty Bar is a real food protein bar with no added sugars that is also soy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Ideal for lunches, pre- or post gym workouts, or snacks to bolster energy levels, the Talty Bars come in a variety of flavors: Chocolate Coconut, Apple Strudel, Peanut Butter + Jelly, Fig & Cashew, and Dark Chocolate Espresso. These are made with dried fruit, nuts, and whey protein, with each bar offering 13 grams of protein, fiber, and approximately 25g carbs.

Calories range from 210 per bar to 230, and you can purchase them alone or in boxes here.

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The CUZEN Matcha Maker enables you to make matcha at home, and what’s more, the machine is so incredibly lovely and elegant that you’ll want it on display even when not in use. You can order matcha packets to replenish your initial supply each month, which works out to be far less than ordering it from your local barista or teahouse. Matcha is a greener way to sip your daily dose of caffeine, but without the jitters and with its load of nutritional benefits.