Healthy Snacks: Peanut Butter Grapes & Prebiotic Strawberry-Vanilla Soda

Looking for off-the-beaten-track snacks that are healthy and delicious? These two brands are forging new inroads in the snacks and soda realms, and should definitely be in your fridge and cupboards this summer for at home and in-park picnics:

Oliop is a sparkling tonic beverage that sates without the sugary calories. Available in five flavors: Vintage Cola, Classic Root Beer, Strawberry Vanilla, Ginger Lemon, and Cherry Vanilla, these drinks are created with gut health in mind and contain prebiotics, botanicals, and plant fiber in a low calorie and low sugar format. What more can you ask for to slake your thirst on a hot and summery day? Read more and find these healthy alternatives to soda HERE.

Life’s Grape are vine-dried grapes delivering powerful flavor and incredible taste, along with myriad health benefits. In case you’re thinking these Life’s Grapes are merely raisins? Well, technically yes, they are – but they’re created with a new grape, and a new drying process. Traditional raisins are dried on the ground, resulting in hard, caramelized and chewy raisins, but Life’s Grape uses Selma Pete Grapes that are dried on the vine, which results in soft, plump, juicy grapes. Douse them in dark chocolate or peanut better (which tastes like a PBJ sandwich), make sure they contain organic ingredients, and you’re in flavor heaven! Pack them up for biking treks and park snacks. Read more HERE.


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