Hello hai: The Only Showerhead You’ll Want

Infusions smart showerhead

Showers can make or break your mood – or maybe you don’t even think about it, and just hop in and scrub away. I do everything to make it as enjoyable as possible. It’s my me time and hai understands that with their Infusions Smart Showerhead. The features go well beyond anything I would have thought possible for a showerhead. First, it comes in an array of cute showerhead colors, including pink, black, white, red, and so many others. I have the citron color, a happy-go-lucky yellow that brightens me up at the start of the morning. My dad helped me install it, no tools required. There’s a slot for the infusions tabs to impart an aromatherapy vibe as I shower. I’m obsessed with the Repair infusion: it’s eucalyptus scented and made with clean ingredients. It benefits my hair and skin and lightly exfoliates, too. (P.S. – the packing of the tabs is 100% water dissolvable so I can just drop it into the shower and it’s gone by the time I step out).

A water-powered Bluetooth app tracks how much water I use in one shower and tracks it over a period of time. There’s even an alert for when the water gets warm enough to jump in (and not forget that the shower is running). So helpful to lower my water bill and to keep Mother Earth happy! Lastly, one of my favorite parts is the LED lights, meaning: I can decompress with a nightly shower, no overhead lights required. I don’t think I’ll be able to take a shower anywhere else now, thanks to hai!


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