Herbs Etc for What Ails You: Natural Remedies That Work

From head to toe, and sleep to psyche and beyond — the Santa Fe, NM-based Herbs ETC brand has a high-quality herbal supplement for whatever aspect of your health you wish to improve. These formulations are organic, gluten-free, and come with the name of the person who created the formulation on the label (talk about pride and accountability!). The medical herbalist and founder of Herbs ETC, Daniel Gagnon, uses cold processes rather than hot to ensure potency. Here are some of our tried-and-tested favorites:

Singer’s Soothing Throat Spray — Professional Strength
Even if you’re not an opera singer, rapper, or Broadway belter, this throat spray comes in handy during cold winter weather when your throat feels raw and sore. The organic spray is formulated without alcohol and fast-acting, and contains Yerba Mansa root, fresh Stoneroot, Osha root, licorice root, echinacea, ginger and Jack-in-the-pulpit root. Find it HERE, and at a fraction of the price at a health food store.

Mouth Tonic — Oral Tissue and Gum Health
Dental health has likely fallen a bit by the wayside during the pandemic, but you can foster gingival and periodontal health with Mouth Tonic, which is formulated with myrrh gum, goldenseal, and propolis. It’s highly concentrated, gluten free, and 75% of its ingredients are sourced in the USA. It’s a #1 Seller for good reason. No sweeteners, corn syrup, colors, fragrance or preservatives. This is purported to promote the regeneration of the mouth’s lining — you can find it HERE.

Herbaprofen – Ease Muscular Tension
Whether you’re working out and have sore muscles as a result, or have a headache, or have muscular aches because of the flu, this elixir is fast-acting and organic. Herbaprofen® is an excellent support for muscular and inflammatory health, as it promotes calm and relaxed tissues after strenuous exercise. It’s also useful for tight muscles, uterine and fallopian cramps, and mild intestinal colic from dietary indiscretions. Contains Jamaican Dogwood bark, Black Cohosh root, fresh Betony herb, Meadowsweet herb, fresh Passionflower herb tip, Devil’s Claw secondary storage tuber (root), Licorice root and Stevia herb. Gluten Free; find it HERE.

Deep Sleep
Doesn’t everyone dream of a restful sleep? This non-alcoholic blend puts you to sleep gently and deeply, so you can rest and recuperate when needed, and wake up refreshed. This is available in a variety of size and in Softgel form, too. This works best by the second or third night. This blend is not habit forming, has no side effects, and does not interfere with REM (rapid eye movement) sleep; it contains fresh California Poppy plant, Valerian root, Passionflower herb tip, Chamomile flower, Lemon Balm herb, Oat seed in milky stage, and Orange peel. Gluten Free, you can find it HERE.

Other blends we love and recommend at Herbs ETC:
ChlorOxygen for Respiratory Health and to build red blood cells, Menopautonic to support menopausal transition, CranBladder ReLeaf for UTIs, Yeast ReLeaf, Kidney Tonic for PMS and Water Retention, Immune Alert, and Deep Health. But there is so much more at Herbs ETC that it’s almost mind-boggling, so check everything out at the site HERE.

A votre sante!
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