Holiday Cheat Sheet: Moms & Littles Edition

This holiday, get by with a little help from our gift guide, curated for the new moms, babies, and the little kids on your list.

For the mom who’s in a crunch (and a baby who loves to eat!)
Ever suffered serious mom guilt for not making all of your baby’s meals from scratch? Same. If you know someone in the same boat, send a delectable time-saver that’s a gift to parents and tots alike with Tiny Organics. Inspired by baby-led weaning (so suitable for eight month olds and up) and crafted by a team of chefs and neonatal nutritionists, these meals actually read like a menu you’ll want to eat—think potato hash, coconut curry, and ratatouille. And bonus—you can use a cup as a base to feed the whole family, if you’re all in the mood for that coconut curry, just warm it up and serve over rice. Every meal is free of the eight major allergens, is plant-based, and totally organic. Win, win, win. And yum.

From $4.69 a meal.

For eco-minded moms and babes
Made in the USA of totally recycled plastic (milk jugs, to be exact), these toys are something special—they’re BPA and phthalate free, dyed with vibrant, food-safe mineral-based colorants, and incredibly lightweight (a boon should they turn from truck to missile in the playroom). The brand’s best known products are likely its colorful trucks and boats, some of which are a bathtime staple in my house, but the company has launched a collaboration with Disney that features time-honored toys, like stackers and shape sorters, available exclusively through Amazon and not to be missed.

From $14.99 at Amazon

For animal-loving, born-to-cuddle kids
Teddy Bears, step aside. There’s a new animal (or alien, or shark…) in town. Wild Republic’s Pillowkins are part stuffed animal, part pillow, and 100% ready to snuggle. A sustainable extra—the stuffing inside is made from recycled water bottles. They’re all adorable, but the sloth has stolen our hearts in particular.

$17.99 at

For the mini nomad
Not just a sleeping bag—this is a Nap Mat, a sleepytime essential that conveniently unrolls to reveal an all-in-one pillow and flannel-lined blanket, then easily rolls back up with hook and loop fasteners to keep it clean, compact, and extra portable. Even though sleepovers or daycare might be on pause for the pandemic, these mats (which come in an array of cute prints) are also perfect for cozying up at home.

From $41, at Amazon or

For the mom of advanced maternal age
Advanced maternal age—sheesh. Can we rename that? Anyway, if you qualify for this category you know you’re over 35 years old and sleeping *eversolittle.* That can have a dramatic detrimental effect on your skin, not to mention if you’re breastfeeding you have a good amount of hydration and nutrition being diverted (deservingly) elsewhere. Here’s what you need to know about Timeblock in a nutshell—Swiss. High performance botanicals. Expensive. For this brand (which touts it’s the most awarded beauty brand from Switzerland), the line is based on premium anti-aging ingredients and an innovative delivery system so they can get where they need to in order to work. They promise you’ll feel the first effects by a taut-skin sensation, and yes, you will. Combine with a supplement regimen, cleanser, and night serum for maximum results.

From $299 timeblock DAY Face Care,

For the sweet kid with a sweet tooth or a soon-to-be-mama
Here’s a stocking hack for you—swap out all those sugary treats for gummy vitamins and supplements that are just as yummy. (Thank us later!) Garden of Life has the lockdown on delicious and nutritious with a huge line of picks for kids that are all sans sugar, GMOs, and artificial flavors. Our faves: all the gummies, of course, from immune helpers like the Vitamin C-spiked Organic Elderberry Gummy to the Organic Vitamin D3 Gummy. There are also so many sneaky ways to work the Kids’ Multivitamin Powder into food, drink, smoothies and more. (This one is a powerhouse with 15 food-derived vitamins and minerals that support growth and bones.) If you’re looking for a gift for an expecting mama, you can’t go wrong with a super clean prenatal from Garden of Life for her stocking, too.

Explore and snag the full line at Amazon, starting at $18.

For little learners
Designed for ages 3-5, there’s something wonderfully retro about this learning toy, especially in the age of the wifi-connected tablet. The Smarty PAD can be set to English or Spanish and is loaded with interactive games that play out through bright, LED light-backed buttons, teaching preschoolers numbers, letters, colors, and even coding, developing critical thinking skills and motor development along the way. One try and you’ll remember there’s something really satisfying about pushing buttons—touchscreens, step aside. Make sure to grab a couple of AA batteries to give this a spin right out of the box.

$34.99 at Amazon

For the mom always on the run
Splurge alert: If you know a parent who lives to run but is having a hard time fitting it in post-baby, this gift will be a godsend. Winner of multiple ‘best’ jogging stroller awards this year, this one covers all the bases—its super smooth suspension is designed to reduce bumps for your little one, an adjustable handlebar gives you ergonomic control, it reclines enough to invite sweet, sweet naps, and best of all (besides the whole cardio and fresh air part), it folds up nice and compact for car or apartment. Also pretty cool—there’s a car seat adapter that can accommodate certain baby seats to make this a full blown travel system. Do yourself a favor and do a little gifting recon before investing in this though—make sure mama isn’t going to interpret this gift as a hint to lose the baby weight.

$250 at