Holiday Fragrance Trio Extraordinaire: Wit & West, Robert Piguet, Tocca

Holiday is the ideal time to gift fragrance, a luxury that keeps giving with every spritz. This trio of brands should cover many of the fragrance lovers on your list, since they range from 100% natural and distinctively magnificent to traditional, sophisticated, and lauded to exquisite and affordable.

Robert Piguet’s L’Experience Piguet Sampler Box
Can’t decide which elegant Piguet fragrance from Paris is your favorite to gift someone, or for yourself? Try L’Experience Piguet to have it all. This Eau de Parfum set contains five 2.5ml samples of the following for the traditional French fragrance lovers on your list:
Fracas: an elegant White Floral that has been beloved for generations
Casbah: a velvet Amber Spicy that transports one to Morocco
V (formerly Visa): a luxe Amber Woody great for winter
Oud Délice: a sensual Amber Woody for all seasons
Notes: an intoxicating Chypre Floral for grand occasions and entrances
Mix and match to taste, or wear individually to various occasions in 2022.


Wit and West Perfumes – 100% Natural
We are so excited about Wit & West fragrances. First of all, it’s incredibly difficult to find an all-natural fragrance that rivals the best of the well established brands, but Wit & West far exceeds expectations and much of their competition. This all-natural perfumery is based in Colorado with a focus not only on natural ingredients, but also on creating distinctive blends that are intriguingly beautiful. Wit & West Perfumes include high-quality 100% natural whole botanicals and naturally-derived ingredients, including wildcrafted and organic essential oils, CO2 extracts, absolutes, naturally derived isolates, custom handmade tinctures, and enfleurage extraits. The alcohol base used in the perfumes is three-stage filtered USDA organic grape alcohol made from the finest certified organic wines and grape varietals. All offerings are cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and paraben-free. All fragrances are small-batch designed, formulated, and bottled in-house. It’s no easy task to choose a favorite among the following – and there’s even more at Wit & West:
La Valse – rose bourbon, rose absolute, vanilla bean, patchouli, black pepper, vanillin, benzoin. This is a velvet peppery floral that leads to caramelized vanilla (yum), announcing the majestic rose in an intimate scent. Boozy honey and rose intermingle in a truly captivating way.
Habari – spicy, sophisticated, sweet and smoky all at the same time, this contains black pepper, cardamom, clove, jasmine, tuberose and a base of amber and agarwood. A genius blend unlike any other.
Summit Rose – Juicy, wild, and coniferous, this scent evokes the wild roses encountered on mountain hikes in crisp, cool weather. Rosewood leaf, Fir needle, Rose Absolute, Rose Otto, marjoram, frankincense, and Fir Balsam blend together to evoke winter wonderfulness and roses. Part of the Signature Collection.
Streetcar Magnolia – from the unisex Cologne collection. Crisp, herbaceous, and floral, this blend will have you re-smelling your wrists at regular intervals because of its deliciousness. Inspired by the French Quarter and Garden District in New Orleans, it contains Holy Basil, Yuzu, Magnolia, Auracaria, Frankincense and Patchouli.
Brumaire Woods – Fresh, Woodsy, Tranquil. This is a lovely and mysterious scent, haunting even. It’s reminiscent of dark, relaxing woods filled with flowers and someone else that is tantalizing but beyond description. This blend contains lavender, peppermint, thyme, neroli, jasmine, tobacco, and oakmoss. Divine! Part of the Signature Collection.
Follow @WitandWest and check out their complete line to choose your own personal favorites.


TOCCA’s Wonders Collection for Holiday: Crema Veloce and Tocca’s Mini Ornament Set
Hang a TOCCA gift set ornament for your favorite fragrance lover this year, which contains mini Cleopatra and Florence perfumes in adorable glass bottles that are ideal for traveling and for slipping into purses for special events and dates. These beautiful-smelling fragrances will be appreciated for months to come. Equally fantastic as a gift for your fragrance lovers is TOCCA’s Crema Veloce set of three hand creams in Cleopatra, Florence, and Giulietta. Packaged in pink and blue with a gold bow, this Crema Da Mano is a lovely indulgence. Bring a little bit of Brussels, Belgium to your season this year with this adorable gift set duo. Here’s the scoop on these mesmerizing scents:
Cleopatra – a warm floral. Brilliant grapefruit blends with Egyptian jasmine with a warm embrace of vanilla musk. It is an intoxicating indulgence.
Florence – Evocative of one of the world’s greatest cities, this blend bright bergamot, lush pear, and delicate gardenia.
Giulietta – A tribute to youth, this is a meld of pink tulips, fresh green apples, and sweet vanilla orchid. It’s romantic, uplifting and joyful.
Find these also at Anthropologie, Nordstrom

Happy Holidays!


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