Holidays: Shorty Love, Innobaby, and PACKIT for Toting + Traveling

Holidays are when we tote around gifts, food, drinks, babies, and computers. To render it all easier and more stylish, we suggest shortyLOVE , Innobaby, and PACKIT.
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shortyLOVELove has the type of handy, all-purpose bags you can use for the gym, computer gear when working remotely, for baby gear, and/or for transporting wine, cheese, and crackers. They come in all shapes and sizes and types, as well as various colors and patterns.

These bags are stylish and well-made, so they’ll endure multiple treks over the years, and are versatile enough to pull triple duty as a gym, work, and baby bag.

The Tillie shortyLOVE bag has two slots at each side for bottles to stay hydrated or to transport wine or baby bottles, as needed. you could even use it as a grocery bag for a quick run to the store or farmer’s market. If you’re traveling to a warm climate this season, use it as a beach or poolside bag. ($238)

shortyLOVE handle colors vary, too. We adore the bright pink handles against the subdued army green color for contrast in the Tillie bag.

Why the name shortyLOVE? Because life is short, so you might as well love your bag. Makes sense, right? With that in mind, choose your favorites HERE.

FLEX&LOCK KIDS FlexBox Set = Lunch Solved
When your child has to tote a lunch to pre-school or elementary school, Innobaby knows exactly how to best present it after spending a decade perfecting essentials for babies and children. You’ll find all manner of food storage ideas and lunch boxes on their site, including Bento boxes, but we really love the patent-pending FLEX&LOCK KIDS FlexBox Set with dinosaurs (green), cars + airplanes (blue), or rainbows + horses (pink) to charm your wee one into eating. ($59.99) With an interior lunch plate made of washable silicone and divided into separate food sections (so important to kids!), it’s so flexible that it can be baked, frozen, and put in the dishwasher. It’s also BPA-free, rubber-free, toxin free, and leakproof. Bonus: you and your child can decorate the box with FlexCharms.

Follow @Innobaby and shop this charming lunchbox and much more HERE.


PACKIT: Chill Out
PACKIT offers various colors, patterns, shapes and sizes for storing food and drink on the go that needs to remain cold or hot. For decades, food storage bags were dull (usually black) and all pretty much the same size, so it was obviously brilliant to fill the need for more variety in this realm.

PACKIT’s Origins

PACKIT was founded by a mom with three kids and more than a decade ago. The company adopts a singular mission: keep food safe and fresh, and eliminate waste as a result. Its breakthrough innovations in cooling technology expanded, and as a result PACKIT is now the most stylish, smartest, and simplest way to keep food and drinks cool anywhere: your car while you travel this season, the beach, or in an Uber across town. New moms can transport breast milk stylishly, too.

EcoFreeze Technology
Toss out your clunky ice packs that take up space in the freezer and then get thrown out. PACKIT bags have built-in insulation that serve as ice packs for all practical purposes. The secret is a special freezable gel that is built into the walls of the bag, keeping food cool all day. It’s like having a fridge on the go. How cool is that?

PACKIT bags are collapsible, food safe, BPA-free, reusable, and replace ice.
‘Tis the season to be Freezin’.

Follow @packitcoll and choose from an array of different sizes and styles HERE.