How to Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Sleepless nights, difficulties falling asleep… we have all been there. During the Covid pandemic, many people suffer from more anxiety, aches, or restlessness from staying indoors for long hours or spending too much time in front of their screens. By taking natural supplements and improving your bed and room comfort, you can improve your sleep quality as well.

Try taking a few drops of Nu-X’s, Kava Extract Tincture before you head to sleep to wind down and calm yourself. A premium quality tincture with an exotic and earthy flavor, it contains kava, which has been utilized for centuries to bring a sense of calmness & relaxation. Sourced from the highest-grade kava root cultivated and harvested in Vanuatu, an island off the coast of Northern Australia, this sacred root has been used for thousands of years as the ceremonial and social drink of choice throughout the South Pacific islands. This extract is raw and unfiltered. All-natural ingredients are non-GMO and Vegan. Enjoy more relaxation and better sleep at

Hemp is known for its relaxation and anti-anxiety functions. Most people are familiar with CBD but less so with CBC, one of the big six cannabinoids. CBC is known for its pain-fighting abilities for chronic pain. Extract Labs, a Boulder, Colorado-based full-service hemp extraction lab has recently launched a collection of Cannabichromene Relief Hemp Softgels that deliver 30 mg of CBD and 10 mg of CBC per capsule. The capsules also contain the full spectrum of minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other hemp compounds; these work synergistically with the higher concentrations of CBD and CBC. All products from the line are made from American hemp and lab-tested for purity. 30 capsules per bottle. Take one an hour before sleep to feel fewer body aches and a more relaxed mindset at

Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb that helps you to relax, reducing anxiety and stress. Have you ever tried to take ashwagandha in a gummy? It is a delicious way to derive benefits from the herb. Goli Nutrition’s new organic Ashwagandha Gummies have the highest-concentration of full-spectrum ashwagandha root extract on the market today and is clinically proven to promote calmness and reduce stress, support a healthy heart, and even provide powerful antioxidants. Grab your bottle of 60 delicious gummies at

Have you thought about changing your mattress pad lately? A more comfortable mattress pad could be the solution to tossing-and-turning and sleeplessness with its extra layer of plush comfort.
The BioPedic Mattress Pad uses ultra-fresh treated fabric in a luxury quilted design that creates an evenly distributed fill all over your mattress, rendering it so cushy. The ultra-fresh treatment inhibits 99% of bacterial growth. The hypoallergenic lofty fiberfill can stretch to fit mattresses 18“ deep in all sizes. The BioPEDIC mattress pad will help you to enjoy a more comfortable and better night’s sleep. Find it HERE.

And, what about the air quality in your room? Is it stuffy and stale? Refresh your room’s air with the Woozoo HD15NU Circulator Fan, from Iris USA, the most powerful and quietest fan available today. The Woozoo is a small, globe-shaped, and multi-directional fan that moves the top to bottom air content of an entire room noiselessly in just a few minutes. Put it anywhere in the room and enjoy fresher air to sleep better at

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