iLuminate Rocks, Shocks and Glows Off Broadway


You may have seen the dance troupe iLuminate a few years ago on the hit TV show “Americas Got Talent“. If not, meet Miral Kotb — dancer, cancer survivor and creator of this show that merges dance, lighting, sound and a new technology (her invention) that boggles the mind. Her wearable wireless lighting system has been used in performances by the Black Eyed Peas, Chris Brown and Death Cab for Cutie.

This performance piece entitled “Artist of Light” takes the audience on the journey of a painter whose artistic ambition (and paint brush) traverses a world of imagination, beauty, love, conflict and danger. From hip-hop to jazz, a little tango and street moves, the story unfolds through the technique and inspiration of many forms of dance.

The talented ensemble includes: David “Flaco” Andrini, Lisa “L-Boogie” Bauford, Kenny Bermudez, Marcus Alan Cobb, Trevor “Cleva Trev” Harrison, Adrienne Hicks, Caitlin Mejia, Dario Mejia, Giselle Mejia, John “JRock” Nelson and Robert Vail.

ILuminate is back by popular demand at New World Stages and receiving glowing reviews. Now is your chance to see them pop, lock, rock and pirouette to electrifying heights. This is an experience for every age.

Read more about ILuminate and the world’s first wearable wireless lighting system at

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