Immunity and Hormonal Supplements for Women of All Ages

Women’s bodies go through many changes from puberty to menopause as their hormones send different, fluctuating chemical messages to their bodies. Whether you are taking birth control, experiencing PMS, or approaching menopause, you may notice how changes in your emotional balance and physical well-being affect you. Taking supplements can totally transform your day by providing you with more support and energy.

If moodiness makes it difficult to get through the day, discover Joyspring’s I Can’t Even Hormone Balance & Mood Support to stabilize your emotions and help you face your day with more strength. Whether you deal with PMS or menopause, you will feel better taking this herbal remedy. The formula combines red maca with black cohosh (a herbal menopause aid), chaste tree berry, which helps relieve PMS symptoms, and black pepper. Red Maca, often alluded to as the herb of feminine energy, nourishes and strengthens you. I Can’t Even contains herbs clinically proven to balance progesterone and estrogen, provide anxiety relief, stabilize mood, relieve menopause & PMS symptoms, and more. Relieve your symptoms at

Pregnancy affects every woman differently. While some sail through it like a breeze, others suffer from nausea and morning sickness during the first three months or even longer. Relieve these symptoms with Joyspring Morning Joy, an anti-nausea medication that helps you feel better with a cocktail of natural herbs and vitamin B6, which has been demonstrated to reduce morning sickness and pregnancy nausea. The fluid formula helps relieve symptoms more quickly than tablets. Grab a bottle at

Vitamin C is a vital antioxidant that supports the immune system. If you feel tired and run down, get more energy with Joyspring’s Vitamin C & Zinc Immune Support Supplement , which combines vitamin C with two other powerful antioxidants — zinc and elderberry — to protect the immune system. Perfect for kids and adults, the sweet and tasty supplement helps your body fight disease and stay strong. Made primarily for kids, it is delicious for all ages because the fluid nature of the supplement renders absorption easier. Order it at

Joy Spring is a Black-owned vitamin business founded to create better supplements for children and women. See the whole collection at

To increase your energy, boost your heart, brain, and eye health, omega-3s are known to work wonders. Have you ever tried vegan omega-3s? The vegan, algae-powered Calgee Omega-3s are not only 50% more easily absorbed than fish oil, but are better for the environment, since they don’t disrupt marine ecosystems. These better omega-3s do not have the fishy oil taste of regular 0mega-3s, either. Each capsule contains 500mg of omega-3s, 300mg DHA, and 150mg EPA per serving to help you fight inflammation and promote better health. Grab this novel supplement made in the USA at


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