Improve Thinning Hair with Dr. Yates Thickening Bundle

A lot of women suffer from thinning hair and hair loss as they age. Hormones, stress, disease, and genetics can cause your beautiful mane to grow thinner with time and your strands to fall out, or to stop growing altogether. Hair loss and balding spots can be even more devastating for women than they are for men, since these conditions are not only less accepted for women, but may make women feel as if they have lost their femininity and attractiveness.

If you feel that your hair has lost some of its fullness and is thinning dramatically or simply doesn’t have any youthful bounce or vitality, I suggest you treat it to an amazing collection of hair products created by Dr. Yates, MD. Dr. William D. Yates is a recognized leader in the field of hair loss and one of the premier hair restoration surgeons in the country. I recently tried Dr Yates MD Thickening Bundle to help my hair grow fuller and thicker, and I really loved the results. The Treatment can be used by both women and men.

First, wash your hair with Dr. Yates MD Reset Clarifying Shampoo with apple cider vinegar, a weekly clarifying cleanser that removes build-up from hair products, hard-water mineral deposits, chlorine, and other chemicals. It contains apple cider vinegar to regulate the pH level of your scalp, and flaxseed and hemp seed oil rich in Omega-3 fatty acids to support healthy hair follicles. It stimulates hair growth by promoting better blood circulation to the hair follicles.

To thicken limp, thinning hair even more, use Dr. Yates MD Thickening Shampoo, a daily volumizing cleanser for fine and thinning hair. Made with pumpkin seed oil, yucca root extract, and biotin, it’s formulated to thicken each hair strand and gently cleanse the scalp by removing residue and DHT build-up (DHT in men is a derivative of the male hormone testosterone that attacks hair follicle growth). Apply shampoo to wet hair and massage scalp with fingertips in a rotating motion and really work the lather through to the ends. Rinse thoroughly.

After washing hair with either shampoo, use Dr. Yates MD Thickening Serum, an intensive leave-in serum therapy for fine and thinning hair that helps to stimulate micro-circulation in the scalp necessary for new hair growth. It nurtures the scalp and strengthens the hair with essential nutrients and compounds.

I absolutely loved the results from the first time I used The Reset Clarifying Shampoo in combination with the Thickening Serum. When my hair was dry, I noticed how very full, thick and alive it had become, and how soft and elastic the strands felt between my fingers. No more tired or exhausted hair that just falls limply. My mane was definitely more luscious, more “three dimensional,” with healthy shiny strands.

Dr. Yates can help you achieve thicker, more lustrous hair with his proven products that are sulfate-free, paraben-free, and are never tested on animals. Find more information about them HERE.


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