In-Person Shopping Prep: A Holiday Guide

There are two camps: people who really love to go gift shopping, and people who really hate to go gift shopoing. I personally fall into the really really love category. I mean, looking at all of the displays, seeing Santa, shopping the deals, and most importantly (and I mean most importantly), getting a cinnamon sugar pretzel from Auntie Anne’s and a peppermint mocha from Starbucks. Extra whipped cream, please and thank you! Pretty much slap a candy cane in my face and take my credit card, I’m going shopping this holiday season. Malls, outlets – nowhere is safe from me and my Apple Pay.

But let’s say you’re not into the whole shopping-in-person thing; or the crowds, or the germs. Eventually, you’ll probably have to go out in person for holiday shopping for something. And when you do, I’ve got your back. I know it can be overwhelming and difficult to get into the holiday spirit, but if you take some of my suggestions below to heart, I promise it can be as smooth as Santa’s sleigh when you head out to check things off your gift list. Let’s begin, shall we?

From the jump, you’ll want to give yourself a little moment of mindfulness while in the shower. Maybe a little body scrub moment, spend some extra time on your tresses? May I suggest Oyin Handmade’s What The Hemp Deep Moisture Mask? It smells of hemp and honey (its star ingredients) but I get aromas of light cherry and pistachio, too. It smells delectable, and is delectable to put in your hair. It detangles and strengthens my curls, and when washed out leaves them so soft and ready for some leave-in. This hair mask delivers a state of ease for me to brace the holly-jolly lines at the mall, and for that, I’m grateful.

Oyin Handmade’s What The Hemp Deep Moisture Mask: HERE.


Now that you’re done with the shower, and your hair is smelling and feeling bomb, turn your attention to your face — the face that will be smiling with glee when scoring a fantastic deal later. It needs to be polished and protected from the elements and the sun’s rays. You should be wearing sunscreen, even in the winter. The UV rays bounce off of the clouds and snow which can cause sunspots and wrinkles. Luckily, there is the Magical Skincare Set from Merle Norman Cosmetics, which includes their best-selling skincare products. Since the winter winds cause flaky skin, the Exfoliating Charcoal Scrub will be your bestie, sloughing off dead skin to reveal cheeks as twinkly as Christmas lights. Next, the Anti-aging Complex Dry Oil Serum imparts a boost of nourishment. Finish up with your SPF products: Anti-aging Complex Emulsion Broad Spectrum SPF 30 and Anti-aging Complex Eye Treatment Broad Spectrum SPF 15. These babies will protect your skin and give you a lovely glow, even when you’re two hours into shopping. The best part is, they blend seamlessly into your skin. So this set is for my melanated babies out there. You’ll still feel and look so cute, thanks to this set from Merle Norman Cosmetics!

Magical Skin Set: HERE.


On the note of looking cute (you always do!), your eyebrows need a little lovin’ before you head out that door. Whether you’re blessed with fluffy cousins or sporting thin twins on your face, Wisnewski Beauty has a product that adapts to whatever you’re workin’ with! The Wisnewski #9 Brow Kit comes with strong hold clear brow gel, their specialty brush that sculpts your brows, and a chic carrying case. So simple, so necessary. You can go for a clean girl aesthetic with straight brows or a cold girl look with some fluffy brows. Either way, your hairs will be tamed with this product. And the best part? You can take this on the go for slight touch-ups. Not that you’ll really need it, but you might want to change up your brow look babe.

Wisnewski #9 Brow Kit: HERE.


Even when you feel good on the outside, you may need an internal pick-me-up. Mental health is an important topic today, and our friends at Swanson W/I/O have a solution for the holiday stress. Introducing their Peace of Mind Mushroom Supplements. These babies are made from Lion’s Mane Mushrooms that aid in uplifting your mood, easing stress, and assisting in better sleep. I like to take one before I know I’ll be working all day or entering a crowd of people. It soothes my nerves and brings me back to a state of chill. Try them out and see the difference for yourself!



You’ll be walking around, getting your steps in as you gather up your gifts. Your feet will feel the effects after, but they don’t have to with Kizik shoes! Kizik shoes have a Cage™ design to hug the back of your foot, offering ultimate support. Their sneakers are built to be hands free to put on. So, you can just slip your foot right in, thanks to their Flex Arc™ technology. No worries of crushing the back of your shoes, having to tie your laces, or even to bend down! Kizik comes in a myriad of colors and styles, perfect for all genders and ages. They’re an ideal holiday gift for everyone in your life (I may even be gifting some to a special someone… mom, if you’re reading this, please stop). Hope you enjoy your Kiziks as much as I do!

Women’s Roamer: HERE.


Almost there, but not quite yet… Time comes and goes, and you might want to keep track of it. You could really get into shopping and realize that you spent most of the time searching for that perfect gift for your special someone (hey love that for you), but you still have to shop for your whole friend group! A watch is a must and not just any one will do. Try out Armitron watches, which come in a variety of styles and colors. Perfect for the folks who like to be stylin’ while tellin’ the time (yuh). They have some cute picks for the holiday season and they do make great gifts! This is the final item before you head out in that Christmas crowd.

‘Tis the season for shopping – and may your preparation for shopping make you the best Secret Santa. And public Santa, you need your little sister to know you give the best gifts out of everyone in the fam. Happy in-person shopping!


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