In The Bag: Anti-Allergy, Itch Relief & Bug Bite Balms for Smooth Travels

Embracing the great outdoors is so much of what travel is all about, especially in spring & summer, when Mother Nature is at her most glorious. If you’re prone to sinus and allergy problems, or to getting bitten by bugs, or to itchy eyes and sneezing – we have some roll-on relief recommendations to toss in your luggage that harness nature itself to battle these ailments so you can enjoy every minute of your adventures.

The Sinus & Allergy Essential Oil Roll-On by Oilogic is certified Made Safe and comforts and clears senses throughout the dreaded allergy season; it also smells minty-fresh. Crafted with only essential oils and no chemicals, you can feel great about lavishly rolling this on, and inhaling its fresh aroma. Plus, you won’t be chemical-clouding people on planes, trains, and in automobiles. Visit

If you’re picnicking, camping, glamping, hiking, horseback riding, or otherwise immersing in nature, toss in a Bug Bites & Itches and/or Itch Relief roller ball, which both smell incredible (think orgnages and herbs) and are crafted with essential oils. Find them at

Happy Trails!

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