Is The Droplette Micro-Infuser Skincare Device Worth Purchasing?

No sweat. No fuss. The Droplette micro-infuser is a gift from the BEAUTY GODS. Droplette’s micro-mist is designed to deliver skincare ingredients on a deeper level than a traditional application would. For example, Droplette’s micro-mist increases vitamin C skincare serum absorption by driving it 20x deeper into the skin.

Using this device is as simple as dropping a Droplette capsule into the device and turning it on. A fine mico-mist is dispersed to propel the capsule’s ingredients deep into the skin. A typical session took approximately a minute to complete.

Droplette Delivers Targeted Skincare

Does micro-misting really work better than applying skincare ingredients using traditional methods? I tried the Droplette skincare device with Droplette’s Tranexamic Eraser capsules for 30 days and experienced noticeable lightning of the stubborn hyperpigmentation on my skin. Judging from my prior experience trying to lighten that same area of hyperpigmentation, my best guesstimate as to when more signification fading would occur is within 30 to 60 more applications. The Droplette is not about obtaining instant results. I believe this device is worth the investment if one is patient and consistent with daily treatment sessions.

9 Targeted Skincare Formulas to Choose From

My skin responded positively to the ingredients in Droplette’s Collagen Hydrofiller so I started wondering if I should give Droplette’s Retinol Renewer a trial since it is a blend of retinol and soothing ingredients. While I was reading the product description, the phrase “without sensitivity or irritation” made my ears perk up!

Droplette offers nine different targeted skincare formulas. If you are experiencing a specific skincare challenge that isn’t being resolved with your usual skincare products, you might want to pay Droplette a visit to see if the micro-infuser and one or more of their targeted skincare products appeals to you.


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