January Skincare Wrap Up

As the first month of twelve comes to a finish, I must divulge which skincare I’ve been using this month. There’s a lot of goodies so let’s begin:

All Is Bright Set

I’ve had fun with Erno Laszlo’s All Is Bright Set. This set focuses on soothing skin with their de-puffing globes. These pretty pink globes are ultra cooling on my under-eyes in addition to the Multi-Task Serum Eye Masks and Hydra-Therapy Memory Gel Sleep Mask. It makes an adorable gift for any Aquarius friends in your life, since it comes wrapped with a lovely coral bow. I spent extra time to unwind with this set and even gave my little brother a facial with the orbs!

Retouch Starter Kit

This month I played painter with the Intraceuticals’s Retouch Starter Kit. It comes with a gorgeous rose gold palette and five serums to mix and match. Each bottle is color coded with the matching dip in the palette. I enjoy the Retouch Lines serum, which is perfect in smoothing over any lines on the face. The Retouch Eyes brightened my under-eyes after a few weeks and the Retouch Highlight has been beautiful, whether worn under makeup or alone.

Perfecting & Replenishing Face Mask

Flaky and dry skin comes with the territory of living in the Northeast, so I look towards Hawaii for solutions. JK7 is a skincare line based in Hawaii, and they have a spa there, too. Their Perfecting & Replenishing Face Mask is loaded with natural’s elixirs: calendula, marshmallow, green tea, pomegranate, and mangosteen extract. I feel like I should be eating the mask, but alas it’s only for the face. Perfect for when I’m going to a fancy event for the evening (read: sleepover with my friends with wine and board games).

Body Care Lotion

Bonus: JK7’s Body Care Lotion is heavenly. With a lemon & lime fragrance, it nourishes not only my skin but my soul as well, post-shower.

White Truffle Double Serum & Cream

If you want to travel to Italy via skincare, may I suggest d’Alba. Vegan and pampering, I’ve been testing the White Truffle Double Serum & Cream. This posh blanc jar feels lovely in my hands as I apply the golden serum first. It soaks in flawlessly with the signature d’Alba’s 8 blending oil and vegan collagen. Layer the cream on top and admire the glow!

First Spray Serum

For a pick-me-up and setting spray, I mist with the First Spray Serum, infused with white Italian truffles. I get to feel fancy with each spritz! January has started off strong, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store this year.

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