Jewelry That Speaks Exceedingly Well of You

If jewelry is a statement, then these best-in-jewelry show brands will ensure that what you adorn is casting you in the very best possible light. Jewelry pieces are passed down through the generations and treasured for their distinction, artistry, beauty, and high quality. These brands are worth investing in, whether for your own lineage or as gifts to those who are near and dear to you:

Seeing Dior Stars
Dior‘s Petit CD earrings are minimalist, elegant, and memorable. Finely crafted in gold-finish and palladium-finish metal, the mismatched hoops feature a ‘CD’ signature pearl on one side and a star-embellished pearl on the other for a touch of summer whimsy. The earrings pair well with other Petit CD creations. They feature a hook clasp, are sold as a pair, and are crafted in Germany. These work year-round for all styles, and have a light sweetness about them that adds panache.

Unlocking Louis Vuitton Timelessness
We’re obsessed with this Louis Vuitton Trunk Lock Pendant Necklace and Brooch, a replica of their iconic LV trunk locks. This classic ornament features fine engraving and a brushed-gold finish that will definitely impart a polished look to any outfit, and be a source of conversation at any party. In the tradition of 18th-century “secret jewels,” this necklace opens to reveal a tiny mirror. It can be worn as a pendant on its snake-link chain or as a decorative brooch, so it’s a versatile piece that you’ll love passing down through the generations and flaunting all this year. Check out the Louis Vuitton line in its gorgeous entirety, along with other remarkably fine jewelry selections HERE.

Cartier Is a Must
For quality jewelry that stands the test of time, Cartier is among one of the world’s finest brands. The Cartier Trinity Bracelet is comprised of white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, and makes an unforgettable graduation gift, bridesmaids gift, or birthday gift. It comes in a magnificent red leather box, and will pair well with everything and anything you own.

Ghosted By Gucci
The Gucci Ghost Collection rings are truly unique and have a backstory, too: improvising a last minute costume from his luxurious Gucci bedsheets, ex-Olympic snowboarder and artist Trevor “Trouble” Andrew created it for the #guccighost line. Following an introduction to Trouble’s work, Alessandro Michele invited him to collaborate by incorporating his art with classic Gucci motifs for a modern take on timeless jewelry. The result of this streetwise project is playfully eclectic and predictably unpredictable. Graffiti-like pop art doodles meld with high fashion in sterling silver and hand-painted enamel for pieces that will make distinctive gifts this season. Check it out HERE.

Bulgari Blossoms
Bulgari‘s Fiorever Earrings are reminiscent of spring and summer flowers in bloom, and these Fiorever blooms are crafted in 18K yellow gold studs and set with two central diamonds that dazzle in the sunlight. You’ll pull these out every spring and summer to celebrate another spin around Mother Earth, abundant in jewels and other natural gifts. Also available in rose gold with diamonds, and white gold with diamonds, as well as different variations on the Fiorever blossom theme.

Going Coo-Coo for Chanel’s Coco Crush
Chanel‘s Coco Crush Collection features its classic Chanel motif: the quilted pattern in graphic jewelry shapes, resulting in both an original and classic collection. The 18K beige gold ring featured above is chunky and substantive, and will add impressive weight to your style, but if you prefer a thinner ring, this collection offers them too with the Toi et Moi rings, as well as necklaces, bracelets, and more. These can be unisex, and of course, are timeless.

I Heart Tiffany’s
Tiffany‘s heart-shaped sterling silver earrings feature their distinctive “Return to Tiffany” inscription, which was inspired by their 1969 iconic key ring. This Return to Tiffany collection is a classic reinvention and play on the past with a nod to the future. These can be worn as playful earrings that will add a touch of romance to dates and pair well with minimal looks, such as crisp white summer shirts and a classic ballet-core chignon. They’re crafted in sterling silver or gold, are miniature, and are thoroughly delightful. Ideal for New York City enthusiasts as a graduation, wedding, Mother’s Day, or birthday gift.

The Hermes Clik Clak of Style
The Hermes Clik Clak H Bracelet with its writ-large H is not at all a shy piece to adorn. It’s big, bold, and beautiful, and comes in gold with colored panels in red, pink, mauve, grey, black, two orange shades, cherry, and white. You may just cherish it so much that you’ll collect it in all colors to mix and match with various styles. This is a unisex piece and pairs well with white pants, short-sleeved shirts, and sun-drenched golf or summer brunch days with Mint Juleps and friends.

Surely something here has captured your attention and imagination for investing in statement pieces that will stand the test of time — whether as a gift to someone near-and-dear, or as an enduring gift to yourself.