Jiggly Arms, Be Gone!

I wish that sculpting my biceps was as easy as grabbing a pair of dumbbells and swinging them up and down. It isn’t. First of all, it takes time to see results — at least six weeks of consistent training. Secondly, one can waste a lot of time in the gym without getting results for a variety of reasons. In the past, improper form tripped me up because I was moving too fast without properly isolating and working my biceps.

Recently, I’ve been working out more effectively, thanks to No Conformity Co’s ArmTrainer. Acting like a personal trainer, it forces me to focus, ease up, and use the correct form during every set.

Before working out with NOCO’s ArmTrainer, I watched this video to learn how to assemble and properly use it: https://youtu.be/uQN3nObCP7M.

If you want to tone your arms and avoid common mistakes that are often made during bicep toning exercises, learn more about the ArmTrainer here.

Buh-bye batwings!

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