Journal On-the-Go with Stone Mader

I’m picky when it comes to paper. It can’t be too thin, where ink blots bleed through or too rough where I can feel every scratch of my pen. Stone Mader gets the struggle so they created a collection of journals made from… wait for it… recycled limestone that is smoothed out with a resin, making it paper- and wood-free. No trees were harmed for these gorgeous journals. I’ve been using the violet journal as I travel to write down my adventures, jot down ideas, and manifest my dreams. The sleek paper enables my pen to glide with ease as I switch between my cursive-print handwriting or doodle between the lines. The soft cover feels heavenly in my hands as I carry it to a coffee shop for some people-watching.

Stone Mader journals are a perfect fit in my purse for open mic nights or in my backpack while I hike. Hands down the best traveling journal I’ve come across. Pick yours up and let me know what you’ve been writing about!


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