JUV: Activewear for Women by Women

Israeli activewear brand JUV makes its debut in the US with a simple goal: to help women be the best versions of themselves and support other women as a community with shared values. Valuing quality, authenticity and empathy, JUV is a brand looking to push boundaries in a fashionable way.

Whether working out, running errands or having a leisurely day, JUV offers a mixture of comfy, durable styles in a range of colors. Everything from sweats to leggings, to tops and jackets, sports bras and socks; the brand has it all. Beyond style and fit, JUV’s founders set out to curate a community of women focused on wellness and positivity. In their own words, “However you move, we support it.” Looking to rewrite the rules for healthy living, JUV sets out to empower women to break free from the norm and to reclaim their power by defining what feels and looks good.

From Israel and now in the US, JUV is a brand to know. For Women. By Women.