Khiasi Beauty Superfood Q & A with Co-Founder Sofia Garcia

Struggling with gut issues and hormonal acne is what led Sofia Garcia to develop the ingestible brand Khiasi. Known as the supplement Beauty Superfood, the product features biotin, prebiotics, probiotics, metabolism-boosting cayenne pepper and hibiscus as well as energy-boosting berries, spinach and ginger. To learn more about the health benefits of this product, I spoke with Co-Founder Garcia.

Could you tell me more about yourself and how you came up with the idea Khiasi? 
I had a very high stress job with lots of long-haul trips to Europe and Asia. Between airports and hotels, I struggled to find healthy food options and it began to take a toll on my health. I was often sick because my body wasn’t getting the nourishment it needed. I also developed hormonal acne, so it wasn’t just the sickness, but seeing my skin get so bad took a toll my self-esteem. No matter how many products I put on my skin, the acne didn’t go away.

Every trip to the doctor meant more medication, antibiotics and synthetic hormones, making me feel worse than I already felt. I decided to look for alternative options, staying as natural as possible so I wouldn’t get side effects, as I did from the medication. I began taking supplements and noticing how they made me feel. I educated myself on the properties and benefits of each supplement, and gradually built a recipe that resolved my health issues.  Probiotics and prebiotics helped heal my gut after taking antibiotics. Ginger has a lot of medicinal properties, and turmeric has an anti-inflammatory effect. Leafy greens alkalize my body. I added milk thistle to cleanse my liver, berries as an antioxidant, biotin, and Vitamin E for skin, hair and nails – and other fruits and veggies for carotenoids and vitamins.

I started to see a massive difference. I stopped getting sick, and my skin started to clear up. My energy levels went up, I felt great about myself and my mood improved so much. Each morning I was taking 15 different supplement capsules, and with my work/travel schedule, it just wasn’t working.  It came to me; I needed all those elements in one product that was convenient and travel-friendly. That’s how Khiasi was born.

My cousin Alex is a food engineer and food facility auditor. Needless to say, he knows his stuff when it comes to formulas. Together with my husband Nic, we partnered up with him. I wanted it in powder form to be mixed in water, juice, or smoothies to create a ritual, a moment of mindfulness – and not just a capsule that you pop in your mouth, with no real experience.  For that reason, flavor was a big thing. I knew I didn’t want sugars or sweeteners. The taste had to stem from the natural ingredients.  Over the course of two years, we found the right balance that not only fit my requirements but also tasted great. It’s delicious, very mild, and almost like a fruit tea, but with a little kick from the turmeric and ginger.

How often can we drink Khaisi and what would you recommend? 
I take Khiasi Beauty Superfood once a day. I recommend talking it in the morning, either with breakfast or mid-morning when you need a little pick-me-up. I carry a sachet in my bag, so if I didn’t take it at home, I can add it to my water bottle. It’s designed to be added to 8oz of water, but can also be mixed into a smoothie, yogurt, oats, juice or coconut water.
Where do you get your ingredients?
Our ingredients are all sourced in Mexico.
I see Khiasi is even good for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Could you elaborate?
I took Khiasi throughout my pregnancy and even with the hormonal changes, my skin was in pretty good shape. I also found the ginger in it really helped with my all-day sickness. I don’t know why they call it morning sickness. I had it all times of the day until the seventh month of my pregnancy. Now that I’m breastfeeding and looking after my newborn, I don’t get much sleep, and don’t have much time to look after myself. Taking my Khiasi Beauty Superfood is one of those things I get to do for myself. But as with all supplements, I recommend that all moms and moms-to-be check with their doctor before taking it.
Anything else I should mention about this fabulous product? 
A lot of love and thought went into creating Khiasi Beauty Superfood. We are so proud of the product we’ve created, and the response we’ve had from people who are taking it is overwhelming. We’re a small business and just starting out, and our goal is to help the everyday person like me, who struggles to find the time for a little self-care.

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