Kizik’s Roamer: A Treat for Roaming Feet.

Kizik, the comfortable shoe wizard, has nailed it again with their newest style, The Roamer. When you’re in a rush to get somewhere, the hands-free Roamer won’t slow you down. Putting on this easy-on-the-eyes shoe is as simple as slipping your foot inside its cushy interior while standing.

The Roamer proves that comfort doesn’t have to be boring; it has style and comfort to spare. My feet never feel boxed in, thanks to Roamer’s roomy toe bed and stretchy upper. I’m partial to their basic black with black outsole shoe and their Glacier shoe but there are enough neutral colors and striking color combinations to please diverse preferences—seven options in all.

Roamer is the type of shoe that inspires you to get outside and go for a long walk. Roam a mile in these shoes that move with you, not against you.


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