Last-Minute Holiday Spa Gift Guide

It’s that time again when we want to find the perfect gift for special people and have no idea what to get. You cannot go wrong with one of these gifts that will help to relax and pamper your special someone:

The Red-Carpet Facial In a Box by Olga Lorencin Skincare, is the ultimate pampering gift that also makes you feel like a million dollars. This ingenious kit is easy to use and only takes 15-20 minutes to transform you into a VIP ready for your red-carpet close-up. I love how quickly this facial works to get me ready for a special event or just to look great. Anyone can feel like a star with this facial.

The PRIORI UNVEILED Flexible LED Mask for face, neck, and hands, will have your skin looking awesome in no time. The best part about these masks is that once charged, they do not need to remain plugged in, and are so light that you can walk around while getting beautiful. In addition, just 10-minutes of wearing this mask will make your skin plumper, and more hydrated. Using red and infrared technology that does not give off any heat, this LED mask molds to your face and helps increase production of collagen and elastin, as well as improve circulation. Other benefits include, decreased fine lines and wrinkles, and firmer skin. I love wearing this mask because it is so breathable, and comfortable to wear. A gift of one of these UNVEILED masks will improve anyone’s skin and allow them to do it in the comfort of their home. It is also great for maintaining professional laser treatments in between appointments. What is not to love?

Let us not forget that personal areas need pampering too. That’s where Goddess Detox vaginal washes come in. These washes are so unique that each one is designed to bring you different energies using special crystals infused within each bottle. These are great gifts for those close friends who will appreciate pampering in personal places. Choose from Pussy Power, Wealthy Woman, or Sex Goddess. I swear by Wealthy Woman, which is infused with real Citrine crystals in the bottle to attract abundance, prosperity, and money. While I have not won the lottery (yet), I noticed after I began using this wash, money came to me regularly from unexpected sources. Just saying…

The Lights Lacquer Cocktail Hour Holiday Collection is perfect to get you in the holiday spirit, with colors that will stand out at a party. This collection includes, Whisky Neat, a burnt orange duo-chrome with blue green, Old Money, in a rich sage green, Diamonds are Forever, a sheer taupe with fine diamond shimmer, Audrey, a deep royal purple with blue undertones, Lady in Red, a burnt berry red with a jelly finish, and To the Nines, a metallic moss green with fine gold shimmer. This set of unique shades, which includes limited edition 3D gemstone charms to add to the bling of these colors, will get anyone ready to party this holiday season.

The Vitabrid C12 Wrinkle Serum Professional 2 Piece Kit is an amazing gift that will transform your face with the first application. The set comes with Wrinkle Serum Professional that helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, along with a 12-hour active Vitamin C powder that you mix with the serum for an incredible face brightening experience. Together, these products deliver Vitamin C to your skin for a 12-hour period. I am obsessed with how it makes my skin so much brighter and less dull, especially in these winter months.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrubs in holiday scents, Holiday Cheer with pine tree fragrance, Frosted Sugar Cookie, Candy Cane, and Frosted Cranberry, are perfect gifts for anyone who loves to create a spa at home with every bath or shower. I love how gentle and hydrating these scrubs are, and changing scents puts me in a different holiday mood. I am partial to the Frosted Sugar Cookie, that makes me want one every time. Give one scrub or give them all this holiday season.

BeeSpa has some super hydrating products that will let you give the gift of soft skin to someone special on your holiday list. Try the BeeSpa Total Body gift of Hand and Foot Cream, and Luxury Body Cream, made with moisturizing ingredients, including, Beeswax, Sunflower Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Marigold Flower Extract and Safflower Seed Oil. Nothing gets rid of the dry skin on my feet like this amazing Hand and Foot Cream. To top off your gift, add the Honey Lips lip masque for a head-to-toe luxurious moisturizing experience.


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