Life’s a Beach: Q & A with Bougie Beach® Candles Founder Cynthia Sachs

Candles are a lovely way to add a bit of charm, style, mood, and of course fragrance to your home or work space. Recently I had the privilege to speak with Cynthia Sachs ,founder and CEO of Bougie Beach® Candles, to learn more about the amazing business she started.

Could you please tell us about your background and why you decided to start your own candle business?

I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than 25 years. This is the fourth business I’ve founded, each time because of a lack in the marketplace.  I began working on my candle business in 2019 after watching the devastating effects of Parkinson’s on my mother. Clean living was always important to me and Parkinson’s brought the focus on what we inhale in our homes from cleaning products to fragrances. There is so much information about how thoughts, visuals, and sound affect the brain. Yes, it’s a well-known fact that aromas help to recall memories, but it’s just in the past couple of years that research has shown that what we inhale in the home, like cleaning products and candles, affects the long term health of our brain.

What is it about candles that makes them so attractive and calming?

Candles, like cupcakes, are a multi-sensory experience. Cupcakes involve smell, sight, and taste, and candles involve smell, sight, and sound, the crackle of wood wicks, for some. As a former professional baker, I take all the senses into consideration. Since we don’t use any dye in our candles, the container is visually important to the experience. Our signature white glass container was inspired by the idea of white sandy beaches. Scents affect our mood and have the power to uplift. The emotion of a scent can bring back a happy memory that might otherwise never be recalled.

How does Bougie Beach® stand out from other candle collections?

Bougie Beach® candles represent that beachy feeling, from the container and label to the scents. There are many popular scents you will not find in our collection because they’re not found at the beach. We work with 100% natural waxes and wicks, so when you take a deep breath in, you know what you’re smelling is clean and not harming your brain.

What are your top selling products?

Our Fragrance Flights are popular and anything in our #1 selling scent, Beach House.

Anything else you would like our readers to know?

We create with a purpose and like to work with other companies who do the same. We recently started working with a company who brings 100% Fair Trade, handwoven products, made by female artisans in Africa to the US market. We currently have beautiful coasters on the website, perfect for our candles.  

Discover Cynthia’s non-toxic candles and more HERE.