Our Q & A with JSHealth Vitamins Founder Jessica Sepel

Australia-based brand JSHealth Vitamins will change the way you think about taking supplements. Founded by bestselling author, blogger, life coach and clinical nutritionist Jessica Sepel, her extraordinary line will help you with several health concerns, including immunity, energy, performance enhancement, detoxification, memory, mood support, hair, skin, and numerous beauty benefits. I recently sat down with Jessica to learn more about her game-changing products and how it all started.

Please tell us more about your career and how JSHealth Vitamins all came about.

Many people ask me where my love for vitamins began. My background in the health and wellness industry along with my passion to help people live a balanced, joy-filled life, led me to create JSHealth Vitamins, but there’s so much more to the story…

From a very young age, I had a true love for vitamins. My grandparents and parents both enjoyed taking a selection of vitamins at breakfast each morning. I remember watching them do this and, curious, asked what they were gulping down. Fish oil, vitamin C, and probiotics were at the top of the list. As I grew up, I became that teenager whose bathroom shelves were literally filled to the brim with vitamin and supplement bottles! My sisters used to tease me about this because I was so obsessed.

My first proper job at school was at Priceline Pharmacy, where I spent my lunch break stalking the vitamin aisles and nagging the floor manager to tell me about each brand and formulation. When I was in private practice as a health professional, I saw the way a good formulation made with care could help my clients. I always found myself wanting to tweak the formulations to have higher doses or better forms of the ingredients for a more beneficial effect.

I am a nutritionist first and foremost, and business has always been the afterthought. This mission, passion, and care for people’s health has enabled us to create formulations embedded in research that can truly help our customers feel better and address their specific issues — whether bloating, skin health, energy levels, sleep, or stress.

After about six or seven years of being in the health industry, writing three health books, and being really in touch with what people were going through in terms of their health, I felt a pull to create my own range. I also really did see a gap in the market that I knew needed to be filled to deliver the best possible experience with supplements. I saw there was very little innovation and I also felt that the supplement world and aisles were overwhelming people. This is why we created targeted formulas that are easy to understand simply by looking at the name on the front, designed to call out what it supports, eg: Detox + Debloat, Skin + Digestion, and Hair + Energy.

Through my JSHealth community, I was fortunate to know the main struggles so many people were experiencing, since they shared them with me. My goal with JSHealth Vitamins was to help you feel less confused about what you need in a product while ensuring quality ingredients and the proper dosage. We would do the hard work for you.

I then met our supplement manufacturers and learned about the benefits of adding ingredients to formulas that were always research-backed. This is something that not that many companies were doing, believe it or not! By creating my own range, I have been able to control the ingredient quality, combination, and specific amount to ensure that every formula we create is designed to support what its indications say.

I am beyond grateful for the way our supplements are delivering results to our community but honestly – am I surprised? Not really, because every bit of attention to detail and care has gone into each of our formulas. I can say I am proud of what we are doing as a health and wellness company. Above all, I am always so thankful to have you, our wonderful community, on the journey with us.

What sets your brand apart from others, and what are you proud of or excited about?

I think what I am most proud of is also the thing that sets us apart: JSHealth Vitamins was always and will always be a community-first, brand second venture. That is something you cannot replicate. My community is the reason I get out of bed every morning, determined to continue to help them however I can. The other thing that sets us apart is the fact that everything we do is backed by research to target people’s main health concerns. We are solution focused.

What are your favorite JSHealth products you cannot live without?

It changes all the time. I have always believed that one must tune into their body and connect to what their body is needing – and as this changes all the time, so will the supplements you need at a particular point in life. Having said that, I am a bit of a creature of habit. I live for our JSHealth Vitamins 4-step skincare system and use it every morning and night as part of my daily routine. The difference in my skin since I started using it about five months ago has been major.

I start the day with a coffee and healthy breakfast smoothie made with some of our JSHealth Vitamins protein powder (at the moment I’m loving a berry and peanut butter smoothie using our JSHealth Vitamins Protein + Probiotics + Collagen). Anyone who follows me on Instagram (@jshealthvitamins) will also know that a part of my morning ritual is making my bed and putting my JSHealth Vitamins Magnesium and PM+ Formula bottles on my pillow for when I get back into bed at night. We live in a chaotic world and stress levels are high which can impact sleep. I also am working longer, later hours. These formulas help calm my mind and fall asleep quickly and stay in a deep sleep. Hand on heart, I cannot live without our conditioner! Detangles my hair like nothing else.

You have written best-selling books on health. Could you please tell us the top wellness tips you think we all should know?

I think the greatest personal lesson for me, as someone who struggled with disordered eating, is practicing kindness to yourself. The effects that will have on your overall well-being is infinite. I am passionate about empowering people to give up dieting, to nourish their bodies naturally, to find a balance with food, and to embrace body love – for life. No more fads! Kindness and respect, always.

Are you a vegan, and if so, why did you choose this lifestyle?

I am not vegan, no. I love to cook, but rarely spend more than 10 minutes on meal prep! I like the idea though of plant-based meals only during periods when I intuitively feel the need to take a break from animal protein.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

I do find there is a lot of confusion out there about supplements and people are often overwhelmed, not knowing what to take. That’s why I created the JSHealth Vitamins range of signature formulas to be solution-driven. This means that they target specific and common complaints and concerns, such as low energy, stress, hormonal imbalances, poor sleep, thin hair, and skin issues, making it easy for customers to find one that will best help them. Every single formula was created because our customers asked for it. A huge part of the JSHealth philosophy is truly about embracing balance in all of its essences. It’s about taking a flexible, well-rounded approach to your well-being. Diet, stress management, vitamins, movement, and practicing positive self-talk and body love – they all matter. Sitting inside a healthy lifestyle, vitamins are just one incredible tool to feeling your absolute best.

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