London Fashion Week: Constanzia Yurashko Goes Victorian

Luxury Women’s wear designer Constanzia Yurashko could not have planned a more suitable setting for her Victorian-inspired collection than the grand surrounds of Russell Square London during London Fashion Week this Friday.

The Abyss Spring Summer 2020 Collection was inspired by the black garments of the Victorian era. The Moldavian designer said, “I wanted to combine an aristocratic appearance with the darker attributes of the era.”

The collection was comprised of tailored garments with stiff, ruffled collars and detailed buttoning on heavy fabrics in shades of black and white. The absence of colour amplified the level of detail in the garments. The Victorian detailing has combined effortlessly with the brand’s signature feminine and tailored look.

Another facet of of this line was the ready-to-wear nature of the pieces. “The clothing can be dressed up or down depending on the wearer’s mood for the occasion.” The show was a departure from the runway fashion show format, so that the audience could interact with the garments and appreciate the level of detailing.

Given Constanzia’s level of detail it is perhaps no accident that she chose the era of Victoria and Albert, the original British Royal power couple, to launch her first menswear line.

About the brand:
Constanzia Yurashko designs and produces timeless pieces that are made to last. Her clothes become much-loved wardrobe staples. The brand only uses 100% natural fabrics of the highest quality. She is committed to domestic production. Her workshops are mostly female owned. All the garments are made by hand and the workers receive fair pay in good working conditions.

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