Love Nut Milk? Make it At Home with Nutr

Nutr’s delightful Nut Milk Maker yields dairy-free milk, boils water, and even cleans itself! I enjoy drinking dairy-free beverages such as cashew milk but believe that a lot of plant-based milk beverages are vastly overpriced, considering that they contain more than 90% water. I’m also not crazy about the unhealthy additives and preservatives they contain.

I recently used Nutr’s Nut Milk Maker to whip up a delicious glass of cashew milk and it was super easy, not messy, and tasted fresher and tastier than the plant-based milk I’ve purchased in the supermarket.

After reading through the included recipe book, I used a heaping helping of cashews, a teaspoon of maple syrup, a dash of vanilla, and a half cup of water to make my cashew milk beverage. Nutr offers several different temperature settings, including room temperature, which is the setting I selected.

If you don’t need to make large batches of nut milk at one time, this single-serve nut milk maker is perfect. However, I think Nutr should consider making a larger version for big families or for consumers who want to make enough nut milk to refrigerate and use for several days.

The design of this nut milk maker’s button pad can be glitchy. However, I’m willing to have to press the button pad several times to make my selection, considering the numerous advantages this machine offers.

I love Nutr’s Nut Milk Maker and plan on using it a lot. I will use it to make smoothies, to boil water, and to try a few of the recipes that Nutr features on its website. Making my own nut milk beverages at the exact temperature I prefer, minus the artificial flavorings and preservatives contained in commercial nut milk products is awesome.


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