Make Your Own Candle With Siblings Summer Scent.

Have you ever wanted to make your own candle? If you want a fun summer project, Siblings has a limited edition Summer Scent candle that you can put together yourself in three easy steps:

The natural coconut wax, infused with fragrances and essential oils, comes in a plant-based, compostable bag. On the back of the bag are the directions for putting together your candle, and you can even scan a QR code with your phone to watch a video on how to do it as well.

Just microwave the bag for two and a half minutes, thread the wick through the wick holder in a container of your choice, pour the liquid into the container, and let the wax set for two hours!

I put my wax in an old copper candle jar. I thought it was fun to repurpose it and use it as a candle again.

The Summer Scent candle smells AMAZING. Everyone in my apartment kept on saying that the room smelled great and was wondering what it was. We couldn’t wait for the wax to dry so we could try it out!

You can find the limited edition Summer Scent candle here on the Siblings website for $24.