Metro Home – A Sustainable Trio : PATH, Goodmylk, That Blanket

Check out these awesome, unique, and sustainable brands that continue their commitment to offer eco-friendly products and give back to the planet:

Sustainability has been a buzzword for years and the PATH brand is making a difference to end single-use plastic with their completely recyclable and refillable aluminum bottles. If carry a plastic water bottle with you because you’re always on the go, then try PATH. These environmentally-friendly water bottles are perfect to stash in your bag, and since they’re refillable, you will save time, too. Not only are you supporting the environment by reducing waste, but you are also saving money. PATH bottles are made from sleek and lightweight aluminum that is 100% recyclable and BPA Free. This is a brand that not only gives back to the planet, but also to veterans. Their Made in the USA bottle is strikingly outfitted in red, white, and blue with bald eagles in honor of our country and military. Ten cents from every bottle sold goes to benefit the nonprofit organization the Wounded Warrior Project and t their work empowering injured veterans, with a minimum donation of $50K. PATH is sold as singles or in handy flats, and available in three thirst quenching options: Still – pure reverse osmosis filtered water, Sparkling – delicately carbonated with added electrolytes, and Alkaline – pH of 9.5+ with specialty electrolytes. Free shipping on all orders. Stay hydrated and nab your PATH at

Improve your health and enhance your morning beverage with Goodmylk’s Super Oat and Almond Activated Creamers. This new face in plant-based dairy is produced from real food only, minimally processed, and is clean without any chemical fillers, binders or preservatives. Add two scoops of the creamer to your favorite drink, and you now have a luxury latte or superfood smoothie with the added benefit of medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens which include: reishi, lion’s mane, astragalus, and tocotrienols. What I love is that I can get this amazing custom blend of health-enhancing ingredients right in my morning coffee. I don’t have to buy a bunch of different products to achieve results and I am supporting the planet at the same time. These creamers are so delicious you won’t even need to think about sweetening your drink with sugar or some other kind of substitute. For best results, add your creamer then froth, stir, or blend for a smooth and tantalizing taste. One thing to note: because Goodmylk is made with real ingredients and is not a chemically enhanced or a preservative-laden alternative, you need to stir a bit more than you would with other creamers. But it’s worth it! Goodmylk is the perfect way to start you day and feel good about what you are putting into your body. Free shipping on all orders over $100. View the Goodmylk selection and learn more at

If you’re looking for a exclusive and meaningful gift that your loved one will always cherish, check out ThatBlanket. You can capture your precious memories on one comfy, sustainable blanket so that they are always there when you want to snuggle up or need a quick happy boost. All blankets are manufactured and printed in the USA with eco-friendly inks that resist fading and are machine washable for easy care. It’s super easy to make your customized blanket, and takes less time than a holiday card (which often ends up in the recycling bin). Your friends and family will love this sentimental gift. Plus, these blankets look great draped over the couch or bed to add a special, personal touch that you don’t see in most homes. Free shipping on all orders over $50. Snag your original blanket at


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